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I Am So Loving This Wonderful Place

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Okay feedback...In detail...well where do I start? When I found your website for constant contact I filled out my "contact info" for I thought I had found a place where I could basically make newsletter, banners, flyers...etc. Well I did not receive an email response. Oh no, I was treated in a most courteous manner! I received a phone call. Wow, in retrospect I wish I could find the guys name I spoke with about it because he told me that that was what this business was exactly what I needed to do all of those things that I had listed and much more he informed me that Constant Contact was exactly what I was looking for and proceeded to tell me what a wonderful agent he thought I would be for the company. And he was quite the gentleman and had me from hello. He also told me that they would have a team would be behind me all the way for any questions I might have. Then I asked him what this was going to cost me and he answered around $20 but with an added bonus of having a team that would begin with a walk through who he would set an appointment for me to do this but if I wasnr completely happy that the next month I would not have to do the walk through and they would remove the extra fee for the walk through. He was so gallant and complimented on how he thought I would be fine as I sounded like I knew exactly what I was doing. So I gave him my bank info..."STOP" you say you did what? gave this guy you didn't know at all your bank info? Yes, he definitely fooled me into believing that I could still believe in my fellow man. He signed me up and set my appt for the following Wednesday and "BAM" i WAS TIED UP, BUNDLED UP AND DRAGGED TO THE "STUPID ROOM!" Anyway I called on the day of my appointment for my walk through and the lady who answered the call said that I was late and had missed my appointment, I told her I did not understand because it was the correct time and she said hold on a moment...and very soon she returned and said she had found out why that it was set in mountain time. I proceeded to tell her that I was in central time. I asked it was too late to get it reset so I would miss out on it and she said I could. It seems like the guys name was Riley or Raleigh or something like that. He sounded like he was a big shot that he was nice though and friendly. I had told him that I would love to have something I could take deeper and maybe make a little money at it, that I was in a wheelchair and handicapped and had lost my ability to drive. Not that that is such a big deal but you'd think he would not take advantage of someone like that but he sure did. Now I have been trying to contact him for another 2 months and to no avail tells me that is exactly what he did. He had told me my payment would come out on the first of March and if I decided I no longer wanted to use the monthly support he would remove it, but since I could no longer reach him they have charged my accout for the extra $20 a month plus he did not hit my bank on the first, it was on the 29th in April and around that time in May and now again but this time the 26th. That is over $60 for his pocket and minus from my disability check each month with no fault of mine except to be so naiive and gullible to trust in humanity. I wonder how people like that sleeps at night. So now I am forced to close my bank account and have to start all over with resetting all of my accounts with the new bank info. Thanks alot for being kind. I have learned the email account system and maybe I will ned to pass along everything that was done here to all of my connects on FB and oh and also to the BBB. Of course I'm sure that doesn't worry anyone there. It saddens me but it is the way the world is following our own destruction down the hill...not trying to help out his fellow American. But then again you may not even be American. I don't know anymore. What little thing I could do would be nothing that you have done to me. My loss is $60 or spend more on one dinner with glasses raised "Our hats off to Mrs. Davies for her contribution to our festivities tonight in my making goal to rip not just anyone but a handicapped individual. I was sure fooled by this turn of events. I sure did not expect this. I know writing you will do no good but I wanted to let you know my disappointment in my faith in humanity. P.S. Just in case you might want to reach out to me, you have my email but here is my number (not that I truly think you might call me.) 😞 Mrs. Sharon Davies 405-413-1133
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Hi @SharonD6 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize this is the experience you’ve had with your account. This is definitely not the experience we want our users to have. With that said I have taken a closer look at your account and your interactions with our customer success team for this kickoff call.


In fact it appears one of these agents tried following up with you by phone but was unable to connect. Have you received the email this team sent you? We ask that you please reply to that email if the schedule appointment time with our Customer Success team will not work for you. With that said, I apologize we are unable to go into an accounts billing details or authorize any refunds here in the Community. If you have any further questions on the charges for your account please contact our Billing Support directly at these hours and numbers.

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