I have loaded contacts and can not see/ manage or change them

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I loaded up the contacts and it seems never to load them, thus when i enter the contacts management area i just see the loading signal, basically until it times out.

Hi @GM81 

I am sorry to hear this is happening! We've heard a few reports of this happening to others but need some more information to figure out the cause. Can you help by providing the following information:


- It looks like you posted from FF32, is this the browser you typically  work in?

- Do you have another browser on your computer you could test? This will help us narrow down the cause.

- Where are you located (State/Country is enough)

- Who is your internet service provider?

- Is any other area of your account slow to load?

- Do you know how the sort settings were left on the page (were you viewing lists or contacts, 50 or 500 per page, etc)



Thanks again,

Hannah M.

Status changed to: More information needed
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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