When I upload a photo, it would save me a great deal of time, if the default was set to link to the image URL. The reader would just click on the photo to enlarge it. If the sender wanted to make the photo a link elsewhere, that is already available to them and easy to do; however, many times, the photos I use don't need to go anywhere. The reader just wants to be able to see them better. So click to enlarge is what they want. 

Presently, I have to upload a photo, then add it to the email. Then save the email, go out out of the email editor and go to Library. Find and open the new image. Copy the link to my clipboard. Go back to the email. Open the email, scroll down to the image and then add a link. paste the image URL in the link. UGH!

Oh. My. Word. This just takes way too long.

The real kicker is that I can't even have two tabs open at the same time. I tried to have the Image Library in one tab and the email editor in another and then toggle between them, but that caused all kinds of issues with the email. So can't do that! 

Please help.


If you can't make the image link the default, you could at least put the link back on the Edit Image box like it used to be way back in time. (Ive been with you a long time and this is the first time to submit, but I really need this.)

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Hello @ONLC ,


Click-to-enlarge isn't a function that can be included in emails, it's just something that email programs/apps either offer or don't by default. 


Is your request that you want us to make all images always link to the URL we generate from hosting in the library as a default? If someone used the Replace function for an existing image block that was linked to another webpage, would you expect the newly inserted image to overwrite that external link, or would you expect the original link to be maintained?


Additionally, you can definitely have the account library and the email editor open in two separate tabs at the same time, it sounds like your network or device was struggling to keep up with the increased bandwidth requirement to accommodate the constant live updating.

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