Image Library absolutely hobbled

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Oh my word. What did you do to the image library??? It used to be a lightning fast experience to open a new e-mail, click "Image", jump into the library, click "upload", browse to multiple images I wanted to bring in, select them, add them, and then start inserting them into the e-mail. I could seriously bring in 10 new images to an e-mail in a matter of a minute or two. It now takes FOREVER to simply get into the library. FOREVER to get the point of uploading and image. FOREVER to get that image into a place where you can select it to insert it. I just had to do an e-mail that required 12 thumbnail images. it should have taken me 3 minutes, TOPS to get the images all in place. Between system lags, my browser constantly telling me "The page is not responding. Wait? Or quit?" and the inordinate amount of time for a single image to be ready for insertion, the job took me almost an hour. What have you done?!?!? This experience has happened to me six times on three different computers on three different networks. It is definitely a Constant Contact problem, directly related to the "great new changes" you recently made. I am now starting to DREAD having to create anything or make what always used to be simple changes, but no longer are. 


Hi @MattB1


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Because this is not an experience all users are having it does sound like it may be connectivity related. Do you still have this same experience following these troubleshooting steps? If so, we would recommend calling into our support for further assistance. One of these agents can help troubleshoot your experience in real time.

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