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Creating dynamic links is REQUIRED in 3rd generation editor in order to adequately personalize email campaigns.  Otherwise, the only other option is to look for a different service.  As well as HTML editing.  If this is not updated soon, I may have to look for a service that better meets my needs

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your interest in this idea. Email Newsletters in our Third Generation Editor has been updated to support dynamic links! Click here to learn more.

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Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. At this time we will be marking this as closed due to the number of votes it has received. Feel free to come back and submit your idea again at any time.

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Agreed - the third generation is of no use to me without this feature. And it seems I can't even revert back to the second generation editor any more so I am stuck using the one tired template that I have because it is the only one that still allows me to use dynamic links.

Of course, if you allowed us access to HTML, then I could make the link myself -- but that's not available either.

Very frustrating!


Hi, not sure if this is the right thread, but please could you consider making it possible to change a link when an email has been sent, instead of copying and sending a whole new email?  I used a link to a third party webpage on an email which changed overnight with no warning, and instead of just being able to update the link in the email (not many of our recipients had actually opened yet), I had to resend the email - this is really frustrating for our users.


Thank you


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During recruitment season, our university sends emails with personalized videos for each prospective student. These emails contains dynamic links to the personalized video on Vimeo. According to your customer support, dynamic links are not tracked for now. This would be very helpful for reporting and tracking engagement. Hope you can find a way to track these dynamic links.
It would be nice to have the feature so that the URL link to button can be customized based on contact's information. For example, link for user A would go to URL A while link for user B would go to URL B when clicked. Right now the URL link is just static.
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Thanks for the feedback @QiweiS! I have a potential solution for you, I'll let you tell me if this would work for your specific use case.


If you're an Email Plus customer, we do offer a "Dynamic Content" block option which can also apply to button blocks. The idea is, you could create two button blocks (one with URL A and one with URL B), and then you can use the dynamic content option to choose which which contact details should be used to determine who should see the block with URL A, and who should see URL B. Here is a really good Knowledge Base article that goes over the steps


Let me know if you think that works for you!

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your interest in this idea. Email Newsletters in our Third Generation Editor has been updated to support dynamic links! Click here to learn more.

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