Include Event Email Statistics on the Reporting Tab

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Events emails don't seem to show up in the Reporting page. It would be useful to know whether they have been opened at all, and not just who has responded or declined.

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Hi @OpenArmsK what are some cases where this reporting would be helpful on your Reporting page? In the meantime we have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well. While we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be available, we recommend viewing your event email reporting within the event campaign itself.

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Hi Frankie, I have found that emails from our constant contact account often end up in people's promotions folder in gmail (and I don't know how other email services are configured). This means that they are often lost amongst various marketing emails. Clearly, under these circumstances, they may not be opened at all and therefore the potential volunteer may never see the invitation to attend an onboarding event. We can't know if our potential volunteers are just not interested in coming to the event (read and didn't respond) or didn't see the email. Of course, we could just send the email from our general gmail account, but then, why pay for Constant Contact's services?


It would also be more convenient to be able to access reporting on events via the Reporting tab, once an email has been sent to let people know about it. Besides which, in the Campaigns tab, Events are (or have been, perhaps some changes were made there recently) a category you have to click on to see these emails. So it might be quicker (less clicks) if event emails were included in the Reporting tab. And it just seems odd that some emails count towards reporting statistics, whilst others are completely ignored.


I know I have been quite forthright about some of the problems I have found working in Constant Contacts. It has been quite frustrating and I apologise if I have overstepped the mark. Nevertheless, this is a service that we are paying for (and we are a small, very new charitable organisation working towards ngo status with only volunteers) and I do feel that it could improve. Events on my second time around, and after the revisions that CC made, was better. Inserting images was improved (pop-up box was much bigger but calculating how big to make the picture was still total guesswork). The email reply to respondents was a bit of a mess though - there was a field in the set up page that was included in the email, but there was another field that was editable later on in the process and it wasn't possible (afaik) to see the whole email in one. When I responded to the event myself, and got the email, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Lots of repetition, 2 paragraphs that were totally unrelated to each other (because they were in 2 separate parts of the set up, and one was written without knowing what the other said, and the other was editable but without being able to remember or see what I had said in the first) but fortunately the main detail of how to join the session was clear, so it got the main message across. You'll be glad to know the event was a success. Even though we didn't hear from most of the invitees and have no idea whether they saw the email.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples.


It would be easier if an Event emailing was included in the "Email Campaigns" under Reporting with all of the details on that listed here instead of just in the Event reporting.

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Dear CC team

I love the reporting feature for invites but unfortunately, sending several reminders with only a slight change in the message creates numerous spreadsheets for me to check and manually total.


I would like to suggest that all reminder emails use the same reporting database for ease of tracking responses.

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