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Include skip logic in new survey pages, Set questions to only show based on previous answers

Need the ability in the new Survey page feature to add skip logic functionality to questions. This is currently available in the legacy survey tool. The legacy survey tool should continue to be available for use until current functionality is available in the new survey tool.

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Our Product teams are in the works to review requested features for our Survey Pages tool, including the ability to include skip logic. This is a highly requested ask since it was available in our Legacy Survey tool. If we hear any updates or are able to share information surrounding release dates, we will update this post.


What a colossal step backward.  I can get the same functionality in Google for free.  Why would anyone want to pay for it?  We used skip logic in surveys to allow questions based upon which group clients were in.  Why would you intentionally dumb down your product?

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I think I echo everyone here to say the *new* survey tool lacks many of the functions that made your last tool so great. Skip logic, comment fields, ability to select how many answers can be selected, page breaks and progess bars (which came with skip logic). I'm disappointed and hope to see you all ramp up the survey tool again. 


I'm curious to see if the data analysis tools are different (read: worse) than the old ones. 

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Adding my Comment originally posted ‎04-01-2021 03:47 PM so that it can be included in this thread.


New Survey Feature - No Skip Logic Functionality!

I have been a frequent user of the Legacy Survey feature for over ten years. I tested the new Survey feature today and was appalled to find it to be the dumbed-downed twin of the Email Editor. There is no Skip Logic function available in the New Survey. Skip Logic is used to move the survey-taker to another location in the survey based on their response. As an over-simplified example when building an event feedback survey, Question number one asks if the survey-taker attended a specific event. If the answer is no, the survey-taker is 'skipped' past all the survey questions and taken to a thank you page. This is CRITICAL survey functionality!


I will also add that other essential functions are missing:
-Cannot attach a comment field to a question
-Diminished reporting capabilities: limited output choices and doesn't export responses in same order as survey
-No opening or closing pages


I agree with many of the comments posted above.  The Legacy survey tool made Constant Contact a standout compared to competitors.  We have management software which integrates with a competitor but wouldn't consider moving because of our reliance on Constant Contact's feature rich legacy survey tools.  Since we'll now have to look for another survey vendor, we have compelling reasons to consider moving from Constant Contact.

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Constant Contact, what is the update??

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While the new survey tool allows for "prettier" surveys, it is significantly less useful than the Legacy Survey suite, as it gets rid of things like skip logic, the wide variety of question types, etc. Why not keep both available?
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Hi @RaulN we apologize for any inconvenience from features of our legacy survey not being carried over to our updated survey campaigns. We are however always open to ways we can better our users experience. In fact we would recommend commenting on this larger thread focused on adding the ability of skip logic in your survey. On the other hand, what type of questions are you looking to have in your survey?


Bring back skip logic!


Please bring back skip logic. 

This was a valuable tool for our association.  With these changes, I might as well collect my data on a web form through our website or find a new tool.


We're missing the 'skip logic' feature as well. We'll have to use Survey Monkey this time.

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