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Insert picture into Table cell

Thank you for finally adding tables back into the editor.  However, why can't I add an image/graphic into a cell?  We primarily use the Table function for our monthly calendar email and we like to include certain graphics to denote an event and I can not seem to get the graphic to insert.  Why? And can you please change this? Thanks

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Agreed. This feature is needed for the table. I had not yet discovered, myself, that I couldn't add an image. Sort of the whole point, or at least one of the major points.


Yes! Please let us be able to add images into tables. It's more necessary than ever since the 5-column section is nowhere to be found in this latest editor.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing this feedback on our tables block. We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience and have tracked this feedback with our Product Team. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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It seems like this is the only way we'll ever be allowed to put a caption under a photo (if it's implemented), so it would be important for that reason alone. But also a major value of a table would be to allow us to mix different kinds of content AND if built correctly to make our own decision about the "padding" between elements, which we can't do with the static blocks being offered.

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Glad option to add table is available but is not easily found unless you use the words "cross" and "device" in search field in the templates!  Now though I see I cannot add an image in a cell?!  It's like one step forward and two steps back.  When will this feature be available?  

Status changed to: Voting Open

You may be expecting more than an email message can deliver.


As a former webmaster for three non-profits (one at a time, mostly), I was responsible for displaying each organization's monthly calendar.  Create a (monthly?) calendar on your website and add a link from the email message(s).  You can gave multiple links in your email, each one pointing to a specific event on the specific calendar.


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Thanks for your response but it's definitely not too much to ask for... especially when this is a function that CC used to support but just no longer does. They removed tables from their editor, then re-added them back, but you can't do anything but type into the cells. You cannot even COPY AND PASTE into the cells without great problems (each line gets pasted into its own cell, moving other content around and creating additional cells you don't want), so you literally can only type. Definitely not a "web" functionality issue... only a Constant Contact issue.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request to allow for images to be added to a table but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

A lot less talk and a little more action on the part of the "engineers" would be appreciated. Like so many above have said, IT'S A NEEDED FEATURE!  Is CC a government entity? This would explain the appeasing rhetoric and delays.


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