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Two ideas : 1. Allow event announcements to be added to my calendar to be posted on web site. 2. My calendar should help us capture contact info. If someone views my calendar have a pop-up that asks if their information can be added to the contact list. No one wants to go to another form to complete anymore. As you know, sites are using google or facebook log-on button so you do not have to type info. Typing info over and over again is passe

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Hi everyone, we apologize this feature is not yet available!


There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. Though this may be the case, we are continuing to collect feedback and requests on this feature through this thread. The more requests an idea receives the higher a priority it can be given by our Product Team. We will also reach back put to this thread when we have any further updates.


Hi there, just curious has anything been done to add this button/ link to calendars on general newsletter emails yet? I see comments here are from YEARS ago, but would still LOVE this as a save the date feature. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

This would be huge. I'd like to see this feature added.


We would like to be able to send out newsletters that have direct links for people to add events to their calendars without  having to RSVP. 

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It's 2023 and still no calendar event link. Can a backend dev or engineer explain the challenge to me, please?  

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This one has dragged on for years now. What's the problem, Constant Contact?


It's not a feature yet, but it would be amazing if we could get a link where recipients could easily add the event from an email campaign to their calendar...without having to RSVP or create an external .ics file and host it online. Come on!


Requesting this function to allow recipients to download our own customized .ics file from the email or from a page hosted by constant contact. 

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Another thing that would be useful! Even just being able to add the .ics files somewhere would be a big help.


My list is to an over 55 active community, many whom have memory issues. Being able to add to the calendar immediately from the email would help lessen the issue  of them forgetting about upcoming activities, and would be a great help. Plus, I could send out reminders as to the event coming up. Thank you for your time! 


I am hoping that this feature can be added in the near future so that our members will have easier access to our events and activities. It would also help us promote more engagement among our community,

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