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Legacy emails

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Hi, You have now deleted all of my Legacy emails? What the **bleep**???? I need to have these designs. What is going on here? You have yet to improve your new format which is truly painful to work with.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @SueA97 the ability to copy Legacy Newsletter templates has been disabled since we are moving forward with our updated editor and are dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. What about our updated editor does not fit your needs? Any further details you can share is helpful information for us to track to our Product Team on your behalf.

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I have already stated to your tech supporters that I need to have the ability to get the HTML code so that I can copy it from one email into another.


Further without the HTML code, I cannot make lovely borders around the emails.  This means that I am obligated to use a different color outside of the design, which I don't really want to do.  


I find this drag and drop format to be problematic as well as if you don't "drop" it exactly the way the system prefers it to drop, then the photo goes into the wrong place and so you have to keep deleting and deleting until it "happens' to do what you want. 


Further, there doesn't seem to be anyway to get text to wrap around a photo.  Perhaps there is but I don't seem to be able to do it now.  


I preferred the previous format where you could simply insert a photo into the text area and it would wrap . . . .


Lastly, now that we are completely unable to copy and reproduce over 500 email designs which I have used as templates in the past, this is the worst thing you could do.  Stupidity.


Sorry but I'm now looking for another email program as this is incomprehensible that you would completely lose the old system.


Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hi @SueA97 Apologies for the delay in our reply. While we have fully retired the legacy editor, we are open to ways to improve our cross-platform editor. I suggest voting or commenting on the following thread regarding customizing the border so your requests are more accurately tracked or any other open idea.


Customization of borders in a template


You can wrap text around an image within the editor. Also with the drag and drop feature, there are guidelines shown with a magenta line or box that show where an image or layout will appear. If you experience this issue frequently, please post on our Get Help board so we can further assist you.


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