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Setup the photo library into two parts - one part general and the other frequently used where I can dump the mastheads and any other photos I use regularly - so don't have to scroll through the entire library to change out my mastheads.



Yes, but it is also does not allow for sort. If I sort for items in date range of 01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017, there is no ability to then sort those items. If the items are large quantity, I have to again drill down to a smaller range. 

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PLEASE allow the columns in the library to be sorted by size. I am about to cancel my subscription due to this tiny little glitch. MANY users have written about it, but no response. As someone who runs a large organization, it is a waste of time to have to go through each photo to look at its size to delete enough pics to get under the storage limit. I have close to 11,000 photos.  Why is ConstantContact not more responsive to user needs?  It's a great program, but this non-response to dozens of user requests makes me want to seek other options.

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No way to sort by oldest images to delete that way. Gotta seriously click show more 100 times? :frown:

please consider this request

It is very frustrating that you can't look at the items in your library oldest to new or enter a timeline where the most recent don't have to be at the top. It takes an extremely long time to get to the oldest items. You can't even say "show all", you have to literally click "show more" over and over and over and over to get to the oldest items.
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Very annoying that image files can't be sorted by date or other characteristics.

Hi @KarenM479 it appears you're having this experience because you have more than 1,000 files in your library. Have you tried using the advanced search to look for a specific date range if the oldest image upload dates are known? Being able to sort in a library with over 1,000 files in it is a feature ability we are still collecting feedback on and have merged your post into the larger thread focused on this request.


Hi @pulaski being able to sort by date or any other characteristics in an account with over 1,000 files in their library is a great feature request! In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread where requests are being collected on this. The workaround we suggest in the meantime is to use the advanced search to look for a specific date range if the oldest image upload dates are known.

Please please allow us to review the view in the library to oldest images/documents first to delete. Hitting 'show more' for ten images at a time is very time consuming.
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It would be helpful to be able to show images from oldest to newest with the capability of selecting more than one and deleting in groups. We have over 2000 images, most of which are not needed, but it's difficult to delete groups and almost impossible to search for old images. Also, just to be sure, in the new software, we can delete an image from the library and still have it show in the campaign email, correct? I know with the legacy version, if you deleted from the library, it would also delete from all emails. Thanks for your help.
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