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I have been writing emails with Constant Contact for years. I have a great open rate. Recently the template for emails changed. I now have 2 types of sidebars fo tools to build emails. The old format that I can tap into for some emails loads fine. The new template- the one with the line drawings for icons on the left vs the colored blocks -does not work for me! it does not save, it does not load, the typing is delayed. I have rebooted, I have cleared cookies/cache - done everything I've been asked to do and it has not improved. I just got an email from support telling me that the reason i have issues is because my email is too long. If my emails are getting opened and read, who are you to tell me how long my email just be? Please, make it so my emails will work!! 

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I wonder if you are haviing the same issues I am - I am so frustrated trying to use the new platform.  It is a waste of my time - taking forever to get my emails written. 

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Gails189 - agreed - its taking forever to write an email. So frustrating.  



Hi @gails189


We apologize for the experience you're having with creating your emails! You mentioned being unable to save, What exactly is happening? For instance are you receiving any error messages or is the save button not working? As for the loading and typing delay, what browser are you working in? We have received reports of users seeing delays when typing. In fact we do recommend sharing your feedback on this directly on its feature request thread.


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I am experiencing a typing delay. This is happening only since the new interface came into being. It happens in Brave, Safari and Chrome. It wastes my time typing blind and having to wait for my words to load. 


One of my biggest complaints is the large amount of real estate taken up by the Build/Images/Design sidebar. This absolutely SHOULD be made to collapse when not in use. 


Hi @Assist-Deb

The good news is both experiences you have mentioned have threads of their own. We do recommend sharing your feedback on typing delays in the editor and wanting to have a the ability of hiding the toolbar on the left directly on their threads.

Status changed to: Closed - Indirectly Fixed

There was a fix made in October 2022 regarding an issue with a delay in typing. 


If you experience further delays when working in an email, we suggest doing basic troubleshooting first such as closing and reopening your browser, working in a different browser, or seeing if the issue occurs in a private or incognito window.


That being said, issues with loading times are not suited for a feedback board that is focused on account improvements or feature requests. Connectivity issues should be escalated to our support team. We suggest contacting our phone or chat support for live assistance as troubleshooting here in the Community can be difficult given that we are not assisting you live.

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