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The new design is mostly working well. But I really need a place to put lists that are no longer active, but still need to be maintained for reference. Our organization markets internally to our members. We have two main seasons, fall and spring. The membership shifts slightly each season, as some members take a break and others join or rejoin. I want the current season lists to be visible, but need to know which past seasons included a particular member. I want to be able to display, under "Email Lists," organizing folders as we can in the "Emails" module. That way I can have the most current, active lists visible and available; the other lists are archival and can be referred to without cluttering the interface. Thanks!

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I am a long term member of constant contact and have a lot of historical data for ever changing client list. It would be extremely helpful if the the ability to have sub email lists existed. Right now i have approximately 50 lists and sometimes I want to just grab all of one type and sometimes i don't. Having more control would be amazing. Happy to talk someone through the idea if you are interested. Thank you for the consideration. 





Does the options of tags or segments help fit your needs for sub lists? If not, what are you looking to accomplish though a sub list that either of these options do not provide?

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Thank you for your reply. While segments and tags are great they do not help me to clean up my extensive lists. I do not want to delete or consolidate my existing lists but would much prefer to have a folder tree option so that I could expand or collapse the lists should I choose. It would be great to select an overarching category when selecting lists or have the option to select only some of the sub lists should I prefer. Thank you for your consideration. 


I would be great to have a way to archive lists. Keep our active lists clean, but still be able to reference numbers and contacts from old lists without deleting or storing externally


To whom it may concern, 


I would love it if there was a way to Archive lists rather than just deleting them. Currently I have about 40 lists, but would love to clean it up a bit so that I am only looking at a few at a time. The problem is that I don't want to lose the data from the old lists...I just don't want them on the main page when I am working on new things. 


Anyway- would be great for creating a clean visual. 


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I use folders extensively. It would be great to be able to access them directly from the Marketing Campaigns dropdown on the home page. Also, on the Contacts dropdown, I would like to be able to select Lists.
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