Managing Tags

I would really like to be able to click on the Tag List to see all of the tags I have created and then be able to manage them, like you can with the email lists.

When I look at a glance at my contacts, I wish I could SEE the tags that are flagged on each account. Currently, I have spent about 8 hours micromanaging my names to get them in correct categories, And I hope your program is worth all this work. Please consider some new features.

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Hi @cindyc9548 

Can you clarify a couple of things for me--


  • You said "SEE the tags that are flagged on each account." Do you mean see the tags that are part of each list or see the tags assigned to each individual contact?
  • Do you imagine these showing in a coumn on your list view? Would this area be a helpful place to put them?



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Right now I can change the view to Email list view, but I would really like to see a Tag view option

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I would like it very much if there was a way to see who is a part of which tag without having to look through the entire contact list one person at a time. Also, it would be great if multiple contacts could be designated under a particular tag with the click of a button. I know you can do it Constant Contact. Make it happen, okay.

Hi @MusicintheAir

You can view all of the contacts within a particular tag already by clicking the tag on the left of your main Contacts page. This will load all of the contacts with the tag on the right for you.



Thanks for your feedback about adding tags to contacts with one click, it's only a couple of steps now to import contacts with tags attached!

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I wrote recently, but perhaps my comment was not clearly stated. I would like to know the following. Without searching through their personal contact information, how can I see which contacts have not been given a tag? Can I see this at a glance?

HI @MusicintheAir

I replied to your previous post above but let me see if I can clarify. 


You can view who has a specific tag by looking at the tag directly using the directions above but at this time there is not a "no tag" group of contacts available. To get this information you would need to use Advanced Search.



Just choose to search "Tags" and "is blank" to pull the contacts with no tag associated. 


Hope this helps!

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I think what is needed is the ability to click on a tag and show only the contacts with that tag in the current email list you are working.  The disconect for me is when I set up a tag like.  "Contacted twice" I cant see how many in my May Contacts without opening each contact manually.  Having the tags affecting each email list equally is useless for me.  The tags are good only if you have one email list and every contact is treated equally.  

Can you please allow us to sort the tags alphabetically on the side bar. Is there a way we can do this now?
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