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Marketing Manager Support

Date:  January 4th, 2021


I don't even know how to begin with this situation. Since July 2020 , we signed up for the Market Manager program.  We signed up for the $310.00 / month plan.  We've been through at least four experts regarding our needs, and were assigned to each one by the same supervisor.  


  • Each one of these experts would repeatedly cancel their appointments and drag it out to where I had to call up with my concerns, then the designated supervisor would apologize and suggest assigning me to a new one. ( put another way, a mixed bag of canceled appointments and claims that we were being contacted via email--- our spam and inbox folders have been carefully checked ) 


  • The same thing happened--- canceled appointments or I guess told the supervisor that they emailed me about trying to connect up.  No emails were found.  


  • Then rescheduled resulting in prolonged time getting anywhere with actually seeing results.  


  • With one of the middle experts, some things were discussed, but they never really materialized.


  • An incomplete template was built with a small promotion. ( late August 2020 )

  • The last one that was assigned so far has processed somewhat a similar issue, canceled the appointment,  rescheduled, then a vacation taken by the expert, patiently waited for a new phone appointment, never contacted. 


  • The day of that appointment between Christmas and New Years, the appointment was canceled because the expert was under the weather. 


  • The supervisor was notified, said he would have the expert would contact us.  


  • That brings us up to the current time of January 4th. 2021.


  • I called the main office at the end of the day and spoke to Maureen. ( possibly in billing department  )


  •  She seemed  empathetic toward this prolonged issue and all of what was going on. 


  •  Maureen definitively told me that she would email us with a case # toward this matter right away. 
  • Being the end of the day, suggested that they ( Constant Contact )  contact me ihe morning.( to discuss )


  • Because Maureen told me that she would email me the case number, I expected that to happen after we spoke on the phone


  • That  never happened.  No email was sent. 


  • Currently,  we are being billed monthly with 0% work done.  

Dave Morton

Precision Products Co., Inc. 



Campaign Contributor

I'm very shocked at how I've been treated by Constant Contact.  Being a long time email customer signed up for their Market Mgr program.  You'd think I was exaggerating and how this could not happen.  In short, same super keeps apologizing then hooks us up with a new rep, they canceled appoints, make claims that they sent emailed replies-- no evidence of sent emails.  Blows my mind how as large company like this could have such little regard for their customers!  Dave Morton

Campaign Contributor

I've spent so much time on this issue at hand Wolfgang K who works for your company knows it well.  I don't know, I'd like to send your CEO a message--- maybe she'll listen.  

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @DavidM4963 thank you for bringing this to our attention! We truly apologize this is the experience you've had working in your account. This is not the experience we want users to have! I have taken a look at your account and can see you were able to speak with our Support about this yesterday as well. In fact this agent has submitted a ticket directly to the appropriate teams on your behalf. Are you still in need of assistance with connecting to one of our Personal Marketers? It appears on of these agents did attempt to both call and email the email address on file yesterday.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hi @DavidM4963. We did not hear back from you regarding your Personal Marketing experience and see you were able to connect with our teams after posting while also working directly with our Personal Marketing team for a bit after your original post.  We hope you are feeling successful in your account and welcome any further feedback surrounding our product.

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