Merge individual contacts together

Hi, I would be GREAT to be able to merge contacts simply by selectionning them and then clicking a "merge contacts". It would be good if we could select the "primary" one, or the "good" one, so that the other merge into this one without changing the email address. Thank you.

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I'd also like to bring up the request to add functionality to easily merge contacts instead of copying and pasting contact details from one contact to another. 



Add another to the list who needs this functionality. Also, you probably shouldn't call it a "merge" in your knowledge database when the instructions are to copy the info over and delete the original contact (with all the engagement history).


I echo all the comments above.  We need to preserve the engagement history with the individual as well as the history of alternate or prior email addresses.  "Merge" does not mean "copy some fields from one contact into another and then delete one" in the context of contact management.

Elisa E.W-341732530
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Yes please add a merge contact feature! We are having issues with incorrect emails and not being able to update them after the new contact subscribes outside of our data!


YES... other vendors have a "real" merge feature, it's ridiculous that Constant Contact offers nothing better than a very cumbersome manual process of copying-and-pasting multiple fields of data. People have been asking for this for **years**, other software packages have this...

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