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The functionality of the CTA buttons seems to be pretty limited. You cannot overlay an image on to the button, such as an arrow, and you cannot increase the size of the button without adding more text. In my opinion the CTA buttons should have the same functionality as the 'Divider'. It would be great to have that kind of control of the height and width of the button.

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Hi everyone,

Because the main focus of this idea appears to be users wanting rounded edges we are going to close this idea as implemented. Our cross device templates do allow buttons with rounded edges through the button radius option in our editor toolbar.


In the meantime, please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

Constant Contact Partner

Would love to be able to make the buttons in emails look like buttons with rounded corners.  On this email I had to use a button with sharp 90 degree corners for the Register button.   allows for rounding the edges...even making the edge a color separate from the button color.

Status changed to: Voting Open
Update 2/8/2022: We do not have updates to share as we are currently updating our templates. In the meantime, you can use a third party service to create more customized buttons like to create a customized button and insert it as a clickable image.
You should have the options of making the buttons different shapes. Like a circle or something.
Marketing Legend

We would like to be able to change the size of the button feature. Although we may have small text in the button (i.e. Contact Us) we still feel that a larger/longer button catches more attention. 

Campaign Contributor

Thanks to Support Center for prompt answer to my question via Chat. Thanks Bryan!

For now in the third editor generation there is no possibility to customize the size of the buttons. I have 4 of them in my e-mail and their length adjust to the length of the text. I think it will be great that the product may offer the button size customization.


Why has this never been resolved, it is obviously a common concern among users to be able to use rounded edge buttons?

Marketing Legend

Please bring back rounded corners on buttons. Otherwise buttons simply look like a block of text instead of a CTA.


I do not know if this helps anyone, but instead of trying to deal with the crap support and using the bland buttons, I have begun creating my own buttons through photoshop and simply adding a link to it.


If you have the ability to create your own button I highly recommend it. I am sure free programs like Gimp would even do the trick.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @markhillmer, thanks for sharing this feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting so we can get further feedback from other users as well as allow them to "Kudo" this idea if they agree with it. 

Brand Visionary

I am a new client of CC and I am quite disappointed.  During my trial phase of using the program, before we made the decision to purchase it, I used the various features and ways to modify the look of the emails and was quite pleased.  I was able to do so much more than my previous service.  When the decision was made to purchase the system, at a greater cost but what we deemed worth it, I was shocked to see a new format.  I was no longer able to do what I had done and fell in love with in the previous weeks of trial phase.  I understand how you feel this new update may be easier for some users who have no design capabilities or want to only be able to do things very quickly with minimal effort. There are days when this is a benefit. There are some of us though who have design abilities and would like to be able to use those abilities within the emails.  Little items such as choosing a font size (not predetermined) or different line spacing.  I definitely am not happy I can no longer change box sizes, shapes, and outlines, etc.  Why did you have to simplify to such an extreme!  Or why not give people options on the level of manipulations we would prefer.  I am disappointed.  If you do nothing else, please immediately move the format box a little farther away form where you are working so you can see what you are doing and how if works with other items within close proximity (or better yet - allow users to determine where they would like the format boxes to be!)  Now after writing this - and re-reading it, I see there are just so many little things but these little items add up.  Those who made the decisions on these changes just plain and simple got it wrong.  Provide more flexibility and bring back the great features you had.

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