More customization options for the event registration form

It would be very helpful to be able to change the format of the registration page... ie move sections around. For example, the section where people choose the items they would like to purchase (which is under settings not registration) falls at the very bottom of the registration page. I would like to add a few comments below this section such as Questions or Cancellations contact info. Unfortunately, that is not an option so I use fields ABOVE the fee section to include information which should fall at the end. Please allow us to move the sections in the final format or at least choose the order they fall in like you do in the form fields section.


I wanted to customize the event registration page by using an image from my library to be the background for the registration page but could only change color of set templates.



Occasional Participant
We would like to have the ability to better control confirmation email messages for events - adding logos, controlling formatting, and controlling which information appears on them. Often we request information for an event, but that information does not need to be shown to them in their confirmation email. It would be nice to be able to turn those fields off so they don't show on the resulting messages.
It would be very helpful to be able to preview the confirmation page and confirmation email during the set-up of the event campaign.
Please include the setting that allow you to customize the font style and color for the confirmation emails. Mine is an ugly, bold green that matches nothing else and I have no idea how to change it.
Please consider allowing us to customize the message a contact receives when trying to register for an event that is closed.
If an event is full, I would like the option of adding to a wait list, or collecting their information so we can contact them with another date that may be available. It looks as though if it is full, they will simply receive an email that says the class is full, which loses that person entirely.
Why do I HAVE to have them complete the email selection AND verify it. I ALREADY HAVE THEIR EMAIL. These are my top top customers and it is annoying to require them to provide and email and verify it
I would love to be able to add links to text boxes. Also, the ability to add bold / italics / or even bullet lists in text boxes would make the readability of my form much better. Even a website link in the general event area would be helpful. Thank you
While we can change blocks on landing page, why we don't have that option on registration form? or is there any way to add custom CSS

It would be nice to add a time to the auto close event -- not just the date.

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