More customization options for the event registration form

It would be very helpful to be able to change the format of the registration page... ie move sections around. For example, the section where people choose the items they would like to purchase (which is under settings not registration) falls at the very bottom of the registration page. I would like to add a few comments below this section such as Questions or Cancellations contact info. Unfortunately, that is not an option so I use fields ABOVE the fee section to include information which should fall at the end. Please allow us to move the sections in the final format or at least choose the order they fall in like you do in the form fields section.

Think of it this way. Put yourself in a customer's position. IF it isn't obvious, then it isn't user friendly! Go through the steps and see if someone who knows nothing about the event process can do what they need to do.

Hello @DickM225. Could you please clarify what parts of the registration process your registrants are finding difficult to use? The more details you can provide, the better we can assist.


Reply from @DickM225


The FONT SIZE is too small on the screen for most people to easily read the event registration form. The printout of the form is also too small to read! The form is great, so why ruin the process with small fonts? ALSO, why is there a vertical line going down the center of the form?


Thank you for clarifying. I'm going to merge this post into a larger thread surrounding registration form customization. If we have updates to share, they will be posted in that thread.

Status changed to: Gathering Information
  1. It would be helpful to be able to customize the look and feel of the event sign-up forms, like making a template or default style where you can customize fonts, how buttons look, where certain information is, etc.
  2. And it would also be nice to do this as well with the events calendar. (it is very bland) - it would be nice to have it reflect our brand style.
  3. It would also be nice to be able to either make tags for events or make multiple calendars. For example, we have different kinds of "events" and would like to allow subscribers to "filter" what kind of events they want to see & sign-up for if wanted.
  4. It would also be helpful if you can select which calendar you want to add the event to when clicking "add to calendar" and it will take you to that application with the event details (Ex: Google Calendar)
  5. Also, it would be extremely helpful if there is a way to have the option to ask certain questions depending on if they've registered in the past or not or if they're on a certain list & have a "verifier" that will confirm their input to either allow them continue or not (show error message) with the choice selected. For example, we would like to make the process a lot quicker/simpler for our registrants, whereas, we would need more information for newcomers/guests.

Hi @katumana 


We see you also shared this feedback on a thread of your own. We have followed up with your further on some of those feedback points there.

Regular Participant

Please allow for more control over the event registration page. Our brand guidelines do not allow us to use BOLS text and the map looks like it was designed in 2009.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hi @CorinaR6. What types of improvements or control would you like to see for the registration page? If you could be more specific, we can forward your requests to the appropriate teams as they work on a new event tool

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The ability to edit the visual identity of an event and it's related emails in the same way that we can with email would be great. The ability to: bold or unbold text; set paragraph and character styles; create styled dividers; change the layout including what types of content go where. Also, the event page is not responsive to device type/screen ratio which means that if someone reads one of these pages on their phone it looks wacky. 


Multi-registrant registrations on the new form needs some attention.   It is very confusing as an end-user, and the field options are not suitable to our clientele.  We will have to stick with legacy events until this is improved.


We have two primary concerns -- there is also no customization for the form fields asked of the Primary Contact, and there is not an option for creating a radial question for the Primary Contact (or at all?).


In our case (and I imagine many others) - when one "Primary Contact" is registering a group of people, the Primary Contact:

1) Works at the same organization as the rest of the attendees.

2) Is the person we need a billing address for, NOT the attendees.

3) Needs to provide more information for themselves (title, phone number, etc.) for our staff to follow up with them.


It makes far more sense for "Work Address" and "Company" to be listed under the Primary Contact, NOT under each individual person.  However, in the new form, we have zero customization for the information we ask for from a Primary Contact.   We either have to remove Work Address from the form entirely, or ask the person doing the data entry to copy the work address for each person attending - neither of which we're able to settle for.


The Legacy Event Registration Form allowed us to manage this just fine.


Finally, we would ask for the ability to remove the "copy data from" dropdown.  While I'm sure this is the back-door answer to the duplicated address concern, we would just rather just not have the Primary Contact have to worry about re-entering duplicate information for each person at all.

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