More detailed payment receipt

I must have access to my billing records and your site fails to provide a copy of the past years billing, and no explanation of the current bill. I expect to know what is billed all year and for the future if I decide to keep this service. thanks

This website needs a printable official receipt and not just a printable itemized transaction list. Our organization's bill is paid by a charitable organization, and being able to give them something official for their records would make you (and us) look more professional. Also, why do I have to post this to a supposed community instead of sending it directly to the company?
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HI @TravisM1259

Thanks for this feedback! We do have you post in the Community in a Feedback area so others can vote and comment on ideas they would like to see implemented. This also allows our product teams the opportunity to comment on ideas they are able to work on to get more information and let you know when things are coming! We've got a team of moderators here who read and track all the posts here. 

Itemized receipts should be automatically provided, not a special request.
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Am I the only one with this problem?  When I print a CC receipt directly from my email (for reimbursement purposes), the right hand side showing the amount is cut off, rendering it useless.   When I create a PDF, it does the same thing.   The only way is to go into CC, find the receipt, open in Viewer, then print.   It would be so much simpler if receipt email were simply formatted to be less wide.


Let me know if I am doing something wrong.   Thanks.

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Hello @LJC5,


You are not doing anything wrong, I've passed your feedback along for voting. Thank you for bringing this up.

Hi - The invoicing solutions are subpar and each month I have issues with the accounting department reconciling the documentation given. I can't find anything beyond one line item that says "credit" to document what I prepaid for. I tried clicking on the generate prepaid invoice link but it did not work and looped me over to show plans It would be great if you improved your billing documentation so every payment has an invoice number and details on what was purchased.
Please look at how literally any other professional SaaS company handles invoices and sort out your billing activity page so I can download invoices in an effective way.

The lack of detail on payment receipts has been a problem for years. Our Controller's Office wants to know exactly what was paid for, and my receipt only shows how it was paid, the date, and the amount paid. NO detail on just WHAT was purchased (Constant Contact provides a number of services, so it could be anything), and a zero balance due is the other item our Controller requests. 
I thought at one point we had the ability to add additional detail as a memo on the receipt, but can't seem to find that. 


I would like to see an invoice number in the payment receipts we receive via email.

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