More editing options for sign up forms

This form is not allowing us to customize the fields according to our needs. We want to add a field for people under certain age, a simple check box that's linked to one of our mailing lists, and we don't have that option right now.

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Are you referring to our signup forms or the newer landing page feature? 

Please add a way to customize the Sign Up button because the yellow background and white text are difficult for some people to read, and we would like it to match our company's branding better.
Why can I only add two type of custom fields to a contact record? Only unstructured text or a dd/mm/yyyy date field. I need the ability to add fields with select one/many capabilities, so that the content captured is more meaningful, consistent, and becomes structured for searching and segmenting. Agh!
Can not believe that you let us custom design our emails with color, text, size, and content yet you have no option at all to resize the sign up form. The very thing the client will use to get our emails but we can't resize it. I just spent $900.00 with you, maybe I made a mistake. I look around a bit more.
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I would like the ability to create custom contact fields in my landing page. I would also like a box to collect text responses to a question asked

Hi @EmilyF822 at this time custom fields can be created under the My Settings section of your account. Are you looking to create a custom field directly on the landing page creation form? Would you expect these text responses to be collected through an open ended question?

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Yes I am looking to have a custom field that allows the client to respond to an open ended question. 

Wish I could design the layout of the fields, namely what order to put them it.
I think you guys should look at Klaviyo for example to see how their builders compare. Right now the form looks very dated, and we're unable to match closer to our brand. Some ways of fixing this: - An option to have fields side by side. Otherwise I can't put an inline form on my website due to its lengthy height. - Needs layout options (such as: an image on the left, and text on the right). - I would like to customize the background opacity. Sometimes I don't want a white form over my footer colour. - Option to change button roundness. - Typically the first name should go first, so there should be an option to re-order fields. - Also each contact form should have an option for a Thank-You page with its own unique URL, otherwise we're missing leads. For ad tracking, it typically requires a unique URL so Facebook knows which users that have completed the sign-up and will create a funnel based on that. Otherwise we have to use MailChimp. (Thank-You page needs a separate URL than the form)
Why can't I add a video to my landing page? Also tried using your website builder for this purpose, but I can't remove the parts of page I don't want. I am a web designer, having worked on many platforms and yours is very hard to personalize! I was really hopeful I could use more of your services since I use your email service, but I can't even get a simply landing page done with your system! All I need is: Video and a Contact Form... should not be hard!
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