More editing options for sign up forms

This form is not allowing us to customize the fields according to our needs. We want to add a field for people under certain age, a simple check box that's linked to one of our mailing lists, and we don't have that option right now.


Constant Contact,

Everything about your platform is so great and yet you've left out one of the most elemental yet important features, this being the ability to change the order of contact fields. 

Please address this asap!


Campaign Contributor

CC allows us to create flexible, relatively vibrant, professional looking landing pages.  But for pop-ups, we are limited to a very (forgive the frankness) boring pop-up form.  Can't use graphics.  It looks like something from 2000, not 2024.  


Please give us the flexibility to create a more robust, eye-catching email pop-up form that I can use on my website.


I have created a lead magnet that is a signup form but when I preview it its so small and hard for a user to see the image. Can you consider giving creators the opportunity to increase the image size?


Please create more timing options for the pop-up form

For example, if you scroll halfway or 1/3 or 3/4


We need more timing options for Sign Up Pop Up!


15 seconds is super annoying!


we need 30 seconds and 1 minute…


we also need after one third and one half page scroll 


pop up is useless in its current form because it’s super annoying to readers and does not allow them enough time to engage with our content before asking them to sign up


and pop up sign up is such an important device

Campaign Contributor

If we have multiple lists at the signup landing page (for us it is year selections), where they are forced to select one list to finish signup - it would be nice to keep those list selections for those who want to select a specific one, AND at the same time have a default, pre-selected option, so they can select a list if they want to, or they can ignore it, and not have a "you must select a list" error pop up. If they ignore it, they get the default list. If they choose to make selection(s) from the lists, they can do that also. I was told currently that is not possible, there can't be multiple list selections with one of them default pre-selected...

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