More triggers for automated campaigns

We are looking for a feature that allows an email automation based on inactivity. Right now there is an option that triggers an email series based on three specific triggers. We want to see a trigger that creates a series of emails based on someone NOT clicking/opening an email.


When automating a series of emails, it would be great if I could add triggers for each email in a series. Example: I want to send a secondary email to people who opened the first, but if they don't open the second email, I don't want them to get the whole series.

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Hi @JillH812,

Thank you for your feedback! As you mentioned, we currently we only have the functionality to start a series based on an action, but I think it is a great idea to have a series stop based on a non-action. I am going to open this idea up to voting from other Constant Contact Community members! 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Yes! This would be great! Also, adding the functionality to automatically add a contact to another list once the series is completed would be great. For example, I am sending a series of lead nurture emails to new contacts, but I don't want them to receive our "General Interest" emails during this period. Adding the ability to funnel contacts in this way would be great. 


Also, date-based & custom-field automation triggers would be a huge improvement. Being able to add a contact to a specific automation series based on when they are planning to move/ have an expiring lease would be very beneficial. On this same thought, being able to have a customer receive an automated email based on custom fields would be awesome. Ex. having tailored emails for specific locations that would be designated via a custom field. 

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We're opening this thread up to hopefully gather some information from those who are looking for this feature. With our resend to non-openers feature in regular campaigns, the limitation is up to 10 days. How soon after the initial send would you be contacting those non-openers? Would this be a brand new email or the same with an edited subject line, similar to the existing RSNO tool?

I just got started with this platform, and I'm immediately disappointed by the lack of options with the email automation. There is no way to send follow-up emails to people who have not opened the previous email or include only people who opened emails, excluding those who clicked the links. 


I understand that I can just work around these things, but it's a little frustration that it's not already built in. You guys really need to make it easier to customize exactly who gets different emails in a campaign. 

Campaign Expert

It would be great to have multiple triggers in one sequence. For example, I would like my Welcome Email series to send a Welcome Email to new additions on a list, that (if opened) sends another email suggesting to "like us on Facebook." That email (if a link is clicked) sends another email to subscribe on Youtube, etc. 

Campaign Contributor

I am happy to see that the ability to trigger an email (SMS is not relavant to us at the moment) from clicking a link in an email that was part of another automation. This is a big step. It would be great if we could trigger an automation path from getting a specific email .. also from another automation. 


Can you add more automation triggers that start on a specific date or when a tag is added.

I run email campaigns every two week to invite every contact to a webinar. I want it to send to everyone and the automation to start on a specific date. The automation would have two emails spaced a week or two apart but always at specific dates/times.


The automations feature needs quite a bit of buffing. Our current CRM (Neon) actually gives more capabilities to setup automations than CC, but the emails are displayed better through CC. An almost mandatory feature for us is to be able to send internal emails to specific contacts (namely our staff) once a specific time inside of the automation occurs.

For more detailed descriptions, we are needing to create a welcome series that onboards new contacts to our organization. After a contact has progressed through the automation for a week, we need to send an internal email to our staff to notify them of the new contacts progression for additional and personal connection from our staff.


You may contact me directly if you have questions about this implementation. I would be more than happy to help with the creation of this necessary feature.

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