Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

wow! not impressed with the Holiday templates. There used to be such a nice selection. Christmas is limited to 5 or 6? What gives? I know you're pushing the customized template but I really don't have time to do that. Wanting some classy, quick and easy. Ick! Very disappointed.
Since Constant Contact changed their layout, I have been VERY UNHAPPY. A LOT of the templates that I used to previously use are now gone. Additionally, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to search through my previous emails sent without the image preview. I am very unhappy with this new constant contact. I'm not sure if they thought it was going to be more convenient and user friendly but it is everything but that!
I been using constant contact for several years. The christmas templates you have available for use this year are simply horrible! I am going to have to look for another email provider.
Campaign Collaborator
The selection of holiday templates is terrible!! Please tell me you're adding more
just one??? and it's BORING!!!!
Am I missing something? I see ONE template that says Merry Christmas. Am I wrong? Not sending your mealy-mouthed Season's Greetings nor Happy Holidays.
You used to have categories and lovely Christmas templates. What happened?
I was not able to find a template that says Merry Christmas, not season's greetings, just says Merry Christmas. Thank you for your consideration -
The templates for sending out emails needs to be upgraded. Thanksgiving and Haloween are in the past, why not put up 2-5 Merry Christmas" templates? Happy Holidays is OK, (you only have 1 of those) but a few Merry Christmas ones to choose would be a good idea, especially for those of us who are not afraid to call it what it is. Thanks.
I think it is important to thank our customers at the end of the year, and this site only has 5 Season Greeting templates, you would think it would be more for a email marketing site. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I can get a card to send out to 1000 people?
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