Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

Campaign Contributor

I agree...we need more templates, both Christmas and New Year's, particularly for those of us who send out sale announcements followed by sale reminders...we need MORE Christmas newsletter style templates and MORE Christmas sale/coupon code template. The templates I see are the same ones available for the past 5 years, nothing new.

Campaign Contributor
We need MORE, FRESH holiday templates! I saw only 1 new template this year...there are so many templates for unimportant holidays, but the biggest holiday of the year has really rudimentary templates, same ones you had when I joined CC 5 years ago. Please get some fresh designs out!
Constant Contact Partner

For those of us who are entrepreneurs, I suggest offering a template package of 4 options that can be alternated and coincide with each business quarter.

Brand Visionary

HI, You have several campaigns designed for Thanksgiving but none that I can find to actually thank customers and supporters.  You do have...very limited...designs for general "Thanks for Joining" or "Thanks for your contribution" or general Thanks, but nothing for a nice Holiday Themed Thanks for your loyalty or support to send out to customers or patrons. These are the people that actually allow business to use your services. so maybe a nice in Thanksgiving design which we can send out to our customers would be helpful to businesses.   

Thank you for your consideration. 

Campaign Contributor

Agree you need more templates for the holidays PLUS it would be great if we could change the font size or color.  For example look at the happy New Year with the dark blue background and lights.  Its a beautiful template but the happy is way too small!  I'd love to be able to make it larger. 


I agree. Constant Contact needs more templates and nicest! for Christmas and Holiday Events. You have just few, old looking and sad. Please do something!!!


Are we still waiting for Constant Contact to provide this feature??? I agree with the others. This may be a reason to switch to another email service.


Would love some wedding themed templates.  you used to have them and I loved them. Please bring them back.


Hello @LyndaE6,

Thanks for telling us about the specific types of templates you want more of! If there are any others feel free to join us back on the community to let us know! 


I agree - why after 4 years of requesting a left-aligned, "regular" email style still isn't available?!

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