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We were getting our users added to our account and now see there is a limit of 10. (Didn't see that anywhere ahead of time). We truly do have more than 10 users on our one account and all are valid as we allow each of our ministry areas to create their own newsletters. Any possibility of expanding the 10 limit?

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As previously mentioned, Email Plus accounts now have an unlimited amount of users. Thanks for the feedback!

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The limit of 10 users is unrealistic and makes managing my account difficult and it's a security issue for us. Because of the 10-user limit I have had to create "group" users meaning 2 or more people share the same login. This is a security issue when someone leaves our employ or we want to discontinue someone's use of ConstantContact. Please expand this unrealistic limit on the number of users per account.
We need access to more active users.
We need at least 15 total users, and 20 would be better. Please add more users per account.
Major problem with not being able to add as many users as needed. All our customers are pooled into one account so we can cross-reference whose working who. If we have to setup multiple Constant Contact accounts, that defeats the purpose of using this system in the first place. All the customers are under one company umbrella. Constant Contact has been a big help in our business growth. And now that we've grown, we're being penalized by Constant Contact by not being allowed to add over 10 users. This doesn't make any sense at all. Why have a limit? Your system isn't being abused in any way. Disallowing us to add multiple users will force us to use alternative methods of communication and then we lose out on your great system, CC loses money (a small amount to CC in the grand scheme of things) and also causes negative feedback.

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

It would be nice to be able to create a user profile for our entire team that utilizes Constant Contact. An unlimited number of users would be ideal. We have a growing sales force who utilize Constant Contact to keep up with customers. This would allow for additional safety measures should a colleague move on, we could deactivate them.
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With the number of staff we have to help with coding, artwork, and writers, 10 users is just not enough. We would like to request that the cap be raised to at least 20 users.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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There is a max of 10 active accounts. I need at least 30. So this causes a major problem for my company...I need each of my employees to be able to have their own unique log in as opposed to doubling up and using someone else's.
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We are using Constant Contact to alert our customer base about an upcoming Sierra Club hike. These hikes are selected by a Hike Leader and then it is his/her duty to draft the hike and send it out to our base of hikers. We have sixteen hike leaders and your system has a miximum limit of 10 users. We need that number of maximam users increased. Thanks, Ed Caliendo, Big Bear Group Chairperson
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