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Do you think it would be possible for, at some point during the account creation process, someone on the Constant Contact team checks the clients email provider as to their ability or restriction in using Constant Contact to send emails on their behalf? I am told that my company does not allow Constant Contact to spoof on my behalf. To do this however, I would need to supply Constant Contact with internal network security information so they can be authorized to do so. This is something extremely important that I would think the client signing up should be made aware of ahead of time.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @DouglasL838,

Thanks for this feedback. I will be opening this idea up to voting so other users can also comment and vote on this idea. 


@Candace_M your voting results may be a bit skewed since those clients who had an issue with this would not be able to use your services therefore they would not be users. Anyone who votes on this topic, probably did not experience the issue I am referring to as they are current users.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

With emails being sent from our servers, we would not be able to accomplish exactly what you are looking to do. However, self-authenication may be close. For further assistance, please contact our Compliance team.

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