New Format - Reporting not available past 50 campaigns?

In the new format, it appears that only the last 50 campaigns are in the Reporting tab and exportable. Am I missing something to make more show up? This will be very problematic from an analytics standpoint. Our last 50 campaigns only go back two months. I relied on this feature for reporting to bosses, our Board of Directors, etc. for the previous year.

Moderators, are there any plans to correct this? I see no positive feedback about the change you made, only major complaints.


I am preparing reports for a Board of Directors meeting next week. Since I don't have hours to click through emails and compile for the past year, I'll be leaving this off the report -- making your product less important to our association.


When New Years rolls around, I'll be shopping for a new email marketing product.

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There is no way to compare this year's campaign vs what happened this time last year.
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I also have a problem with the 50 limit. I have to do a monthly billing report and I have 2 customers that do more than 50 campaigns in a month. It has made it very difficult to do my billing now. I would like to see at least 100 so I can get a whole months campaigns in my reports. I now have to remember to run a report every 2 weeks to get them all.

Having reporting capability for 12 months is completely necessary and will put you in the same league as your competitors. In today's age reporting capabilities are extremely important and when a person needs to pull information and it's not there, it's not the best use of someones time to go into each sent email one, by one to retrieve that information. Reporting capabilities for A LOT more than 50 campaigns is a well needed feature.
We used to be able to download reports of more than the last 50 emails sent. We have a paid subscription to Constant Contact so we can send many emails, and we are required to track these emails when we report on our grant-funded activities. How can we access reports on emails sent in the last 7 months, which is many more than 50 emails? Thank you! Danielle
I think it is quite annoying to only offer reporting on the last 50 campaigns. Just to give you a picture of how much we use CC, that gives us 3 weeks of data. To not be able to look at the year and see trends or growth is crazy!
50 campaigns takes me back just 6 weeks. I did things two months ago, that I'm considering repeating now, and I'd like to know which techniques worked best the, but those results are no longer readily available to me. I'd like more than 50 campaigns available in the reporting tab.
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This is a HUGE issue! Your paying costumers rely on this reporting tool and you make it less useful!? We can't do anything reporting only the last 50 campaigns. Your support staff was not helpful in offering solutions and recommended I suggest you add this feature when you removed it without warning in the first place, making your product less user friendly and less competitive. We will certainly expedite our search for a different email marketing platform.

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Hello? Bueller? Will we ever get a response to this?


I - and apparently HUNDREDS of other users -  need more than the last 50 email reports.  The best idea would be to give us access to the data from the last 180 days, and let us select which campaingns to export. Or heck, just export them all and we can figure it out.


You do understand that  you are losing clients over this, right?

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