New Format - Reporting not available past 50 campaigns?

In the new format, it appears that only the last 50 campaigns are in the Reporting tab and exportable. Am I missing something to make more show up? This will be very problematic from an analytics standpoint. Our last 50 campaigns only go back two months. I relied on this feature for reporting to bosses, our Board of Directors, etc. for the previous year.
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The Fact that the reporting tab can only view the last 50 e-mails is extremely limiting to examining long term trends. I will have to spend several hours clicking on campaigns and transcribing information to columns manually. As our company grows and reporting becomes more important, Constant Contact may not be able to meet our needs.

Please reinstate the industry standards comparisons also!  Something the Board can understand and which without makes my job more difficult. 

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So... not only does it only display the last 50 emails, the stats are not right.  Download the csv so you have it to refer to.  Then open several randomly selected emails to see the actual statistics. At least on our account, the open# in the csv is less than what the actual statistics on the email record say.
In the old CC, we could refresh the statistics on an email-by-email basis on one page, which at least meant I could get a clean and up-to-date complete report.  (It boggles the mind that the just-opened report was not accurate!!!)  Not sure how to do that simply here in the new UI.



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More exciting observations!

The new download conveniently (NOT) puts the day of the week, the date, and the time all into one TEXT field that somehow has to be parsed out in order to make sorting possible.  As it is, the only sort is alphabetical, which is quite useless.

And to make all of this even more fun, if you are logged in and click on the help button to come over here to the forum, you have to log in again!   Never mind that you entered from a logged-in status.

Please increase in reporting history to 100 !!
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I can see where/how to generate a report of stats on the last 50 campaigns generated through our account. However, I want to isolate one specific campaign that dates back farther than that, and cannot do so - I can get results for any messages from the campaign that fall within that pool of 50, but have to manually collect the remaining results (24 messages). An improved reporting functionality would be really helpful - more ability to filter and customize reporting results.
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Yes I agree with JonL67!! I'd like to be able to see how many customers are opening our emails over a 12-week period and as it stands now i'd have to spend hours on it.

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