New Format - Reporting not available past 50 campaigns?

In the new format, it appears that only the last 50 campaigns are in the Reporting tab and exportable. Am I missing something to make more show up? This will be very problematic from an analytics standpoint. Our last 50 campaigns only go back two months. I relied on this feature for reporting to bosses, our Board of Directors, etc. for the previous year.
Would like to go back at least three months with regards to reporting.
Until you changed the Reporting (in the last 5 days) I had access to our campaign sent on 3 Feb 2016 for which prospects are STILL viewing the Press Release. Your NEW reports LIMIT the viewing to the LAST 50 campaigns (which happens to cut off on 13 Feb 2016). This LOSS of visibility is CRITICAL to our sales campaign management as we are continuing to receive hits on press releases that we need to action. PLEASE expand your reporting to Last 50/100/150. Ian Edwards +612 9904 7077
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I would like to see a graph that tallies unsub reasons. Why on earth can I only go back 50 emails? What about periods of time? The beginning of time? Useless. Where are they industry average numbers you used to have before? Where are the overall open rate numbers you used to have for 1 month, 3 month? You're not only still missing things I want, but you've somehow made the analytics worse than before.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thank you everyone for the great feedback!

We have now updated our reporting page so you can view reporting as far back as 500 campaigns, and can also export reports on up to 500 campaigns.

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Agreed. What more does Constant Contact plan to take away? Maybe we could get a warning?

Also in the new report interface it doesn't seem possible to look at the most frequently clicked links in an email from most to least clicked. You just have to look through the list. I know you think there should only be a small number of links, but with a newsletter there are going to be more and you've made it very hard to quickly pull that information.

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