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The recent update to the interface is pretty glitchy!


Heading colors change, copy/paste is iffy, auto-save is intermittent.


Hi @MikeR503


You mentioned seeing glitches with color changes, copying and pasting, along with saving. Can you share further details on what exactly you are seeing? For example are you unable to change colors on your campaign? Is copying and pasting being non-responsive? Are changes not saving?

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My heading colors are saved to a shade of blue.  When I copy a campaign to make a new one, all the headings turn gray.  As soon as you go into the text color box,  the heading turns gray. 


Sometimes  right-click brings up a drop down menu for copying, pasting, etc.  Sometimes not.  CRTL-V doesn't allow pasting to choose formatted or unformatted (which is normal) but the only option becomes paste and then reset all the formatting.  


I guess it is an auto-save function, but sometimes you can click on "Save" and sometimes it never changes from grayed out.  Makes you wonder if it is really saved.


Hi @MikeR503


Thanks for following up with these details! Because background colors changing after the campaign is being copied is not a defect all users are experiencing we are in the process of troubleshooting. We will reach out to this thread when we have any further updates to share. As for your copying and pasting, where did you copy and paste the text from? (Word, google docs, notepad, etc.) Was it a lot of you they were copying and pasting or a small amount? Manually typing and deleting some additional text after the copying and pasting text will initiate the autosave.

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