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I recently bought a newsletter that is 10 years old and has a fiercely loyal following. People are up in the wee hours reading it, seriously. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours on the phone today with 3 different Constant Contact representatives about a technical problem and they were all pushing the new template. So I asked what it was like and was told that one of the big benefits is that instead of the ads running down the righthand side of the newsletter, next to the actual story and news that readers are interested in, all the ads will be moved to the bottom below the copy. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard! The advertisers are the people who pay me! No advertiser is going to want to be shunted off to the bottom of the newsletter. People would just stop reading at the bottom of the story section. If you read magazines or watch TV you know that the ads are interspersed between the stories or programming. It's the only way they'll ever get seen. What you're doing by putting the ads at in no-man's-land at the bottom is the equivalent of the television industry saying we're not going to show the ads during the shows anymore, we're going to group all the ads together and show them all at 10 at night. Who the heck is going to watch that?? And who would pay to advertise?? Does your marketing department know about this brilliant scheme? Anyhoo when I heard that idea I just started laughing and basically couldn't stop. Thanks, I needed that.
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You can design the ads to show anywhere you want.


>> Ad here <<


With a high percentage of subscribers to email lists using mobile devices, a non-mobile responsive campaign would be too small to read on a mobile device requiring a reader to zoom in on the text and probably putting the ads out of sight anyways.


>> Ad here <<


I drop ads inline with the content of any campaign (as shown in this response) so there is a blend of content and ads.



Thanks for reaching out @JudyHeinr,


It sounds like there may have been some kind of miscommunication about our new editor.  As @BrianF975 mentions above-- you are still in control of where your ads appear in the new editor.  As long as you have two columns you will be able to put your ads running down the left hand side just as you'd like. 

I think the confusion may be that when you view a template on a mobile device, the images will stack with your text.  This is because on a mobile device a two column email is very difficult to read. 

If you'd like we can have someone reach out to help you design the email the way you want it.

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