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There is not an option to print in the Beta designs, like there is in the original designs. Before the new version is launched this option should be added. It helps with the editing process.

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Great news, this feature is now available! Thank you for providing your feedback on this. We've updated the instructions on this KB article if you'd like to know more.

My boss likes to review & make revisions on a hard copy. Need to have the print option returned. The print screen right now, my only option, is not adequate.
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I have a lot of clientele who are of an age to not be tech savy, and they request hard copies of my newsletters. When I download a PDF format, the page breaks are almost never in good places. There must be a way to set up a download option which supports printing with better hard-copy page formating. Can you please set this up?



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I'm very disgusted with one of the changes made in the latest update. We are a church and we email the newsletters but several of our congregation are elderly and either do not have email or prefer it printed. I have to print it before sending and that option has been taken away. I called and got help, but I have to send to a test email then download and then edit it until it is all set with page breaks in correct places for printing. This takes LOTS of time and is uncalled for. Is there any way to put the print option back in? We are surely not the only ones that have requests for printed copies. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of this. I'm looking to go somewhere else as this will not work for us any longer if not changed. Thanks for your consideration.

Will you return the Print Preview option?  We print out emails prior to sending so that we can edit more easily.  The only way we can print now is once it is sent and then it prints with the email header.  This is not helpful! What are the plans regarding printing emails?

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Previously when you previewed your email there was a button called "Print Version" and for some reason that was taken away. We have staff prep the content and it has to be approved by managers before sending out, the print version was a way to have them easily approve things. Managers and bosses tend to be old school and would like a printed out version that they can mark their edits on. Now when I print my emails they turn out wonky and it slows down our whole process. Please bring back Print Version!

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@acecca450 Thank you for the feedback, you make a good point for having a print option during the creation process. I have passed you comments on to the product team.

In the new configuration, the ability to print from the preview screen has been removed, kindly bring it back. I understand I can print once I email myself the email draft, but I'd rather it be on the preview page as before. Pleas, and thank you!
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Who thought deleting the capability to print a draft email was a gr8 idea! Hello need to review paper copy with co-horts. CC check with USERS before deleting a capability. New preview window is worthless.

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It appears you have removed the ability to view draft emails as a pdf. We used this function for some years to print copies of our newsletters to give out at events. But now the Preview function does not allow this, and we can find no way to print a clean copy. Please restore this function, or advise a workaround. Thank you.
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