No option to Narrow by Tag in accounts with over 10k contacts on the scheduling page

When I used Hubspot, I was able to select a list and then choose "do not send to anyone on this list if they are on ____ list." It was helpful for new customer promotions - i could select our general contact list and then choose to NOT allow it send to anyone on our existing customer list. 

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This is an especially important feature for people who have more than 10,000 contacts and therefore cannot use the tags, which would be the other way to handle this type of issue.


Response from IslandRec: 

"Yes. We have a lot of different sports and programs. Under "Youth Sports," I tag past participants with what sport they participated in so I can send sport-specific emails out. 

I know I could export tag and make a new list, but it's a lot of extra steps and it's been affecting how many emails I send out."

The tags system was great for suppressing names on certain emails.


Now that we are over 10,000 names and that feature has gone away it is very cumbersome to find an easy workaround. Why would you remove features? 

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Constant Contact considered the last request on this matter "as Implemented with the addition of “AND” and “IS NOT” logic within the segments
feature" however this is not the same. Not having the ability to include AND exclude lists AND segments when selecting recipients means that new lists and segments need to create each time a specific campaign is sent. The fact that it is not possible to select multiple segments also means that new segments need to create when we want to email recipients that belong to different segments. The fact that we cannot select a list to email, but exclude a specific segment from that list means that a new segment needs to be created. Having to create so many lists and segments is extremely inefficient as it takes time to create them, review them and keep them organized. 


I'm pulling my hair out today trying to exclude a specific list. I went through the steps to use tags, but we have more than 10,000 contacts so it's inaccessible. I thought excluding contacts was email crm 101, so I'm very surprised CC doesn't allow it (or at least doesn't allow it in a streamlined manner). 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

While we do not have news to share on this specific idea for a type of "Not on List" feature or sending to tags with accounts that have over 10,000 contacts, we wanted to mention again that creating a segment prior to sending accomplishes this task. Once the segment is created, you can schedule an email to that segment.


I've just come back to CC after many years using many other EMPs. CC is a solid platform, but the fact that a list/segment/tag exclusion feature isn't available is a dealbreaker for me. I understand it's available on accounts with less than 10k contacts. This is silly and incredibly disappointing. While I'm at it, charging an additional $100 (at my level) a month to have "auto resend to non-openers" is ridiculous. 

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How come this feature isn't available to accounts with more than 10,000 contacts? I would think it's even more important when you have more contacts to have that capability to exclude certain people and lists from an email send. This is such a basic email marketing feature that I've seen your users asking for years on these client feedback channels. Other email providers I've used have been offering this capability for years. It really slows me down when I am trying to get something out. For example, I am sending a client satisfaction survey email out. It's not a good look to send it to those that have already completed the survey. I just want to be able to exclude a list of those that already completed their survey and I don't see a way to do that right now. It's really frustrating to be slowed down by these system limitations.

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