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Hello Support Team and Constant Contact Staff:


Your service has been great over the years. I sign in daily to check stats and prep upcoming emails. As someone who signs in daily, it gets tiresome to have the popups show up every day as though I've never seen them before. Maybe if (in your programmer's "copious" free time) you could program something that recognizes how often a user has clicked off of something or closed a box so the system knows to stop making it pop up.


It's a little thing, but sometimes the little things make a difference in a user's experience. You've made a lot of other "little" changes over the last year or so that have greatly improved the experience.




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Great feedback @WebD,


Is there a pop-up in particular that you are seeing over and over?  Most of our pop-ups should have logic that prevents them from showing multiple times-- so wondering if there is a specific one that isn't functioning correctly.

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Another Beth agrees.
All the advertising-ish ones at the top of the screen - use this, go to this webinar, let us show you how to, and so on - they all refuse to go away; the next time you log in, there they are!  Like the one about the Customer Care gathering today.  Twice was more than enough to see it.  Maybe it could be as simple as the standard "don't show me this again" rather than our just assuming - perhaps foolishly - that once we have acknowledged that we see it, we won't have to see it again.



Thank you for the additional feedback @Anonymous!


Two Beths with great feedback.  I can understand how the messaging at the top of your account can be disruptive.  For things like our support hours being changed we are now focusing on only showing that information in our community and help center page when we can. 


Moving forward the idea is to only show you messaging at the top of your account when it has to do with maintenances and disruptions to our service.  For this reason when this tool was built we did not include logic to permanently close it-- as it may have information you need when we're experiencing issues.


I do agree though that we should only be using this when necessary, and will share your feedback!





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Thanks for the additional feedback "Another" Beth!

The seminar/how-to boxes were exactly what I was talking about. It was a pleasure to sign in this afternoon and view my "campaigns" list without the added clutter at the time.


And thank you for your responses Patrick!

I understand having the boxes come up repeatedly for maintenance and disruption notices.


This is the first time I've used this feedback system. I like it.

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