Option to Delete Survey Responses

The new format is great from the perspective of the respondants, especially when viewing/interacting in mobile. But the results are harder to analyze, compared to the legacy version of surveys. The legacy survey was great because I could see results individually, as each persons complete survey form, independent from the other respondants. I can't find where to erase past completed surveys in the new format, to not confuse the NEW submissions from the OLD submissions.

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Hi @RivieraPoint17. You can view an individual respondent's details by clicking the three dots to the right of their information. Here's a screenshot of what this looks like:




At this time, survey responses cannot be deleted. We'll open this idea up for voting and provide updates if there are any.



I would like the ability to delete a survey response. If you already had a vote, do you have the results for this? Thank you.

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I would like the ability to delete as well. Especially test responses. And also, the report that is exported is not in an ideal format. The questions should be column headers with answers per respondent on single rows. The way the report is now is not very useful when needing to do pivot charts, etc.

We would like the ability to delete responses only to remove test responses. Or, in the very least, hide test responses.


I would like the opportunity to delete my tested responses as well.  This was a good feature in the old format. 


Allow an option to delete a response in the event there is an extra response.

I agree with most of the others that I absolutely need the ability to delete old responses.  Not sure why this capability was taken out of the new version but it needs to be reintroduced.  Thanks.


Yes, please add the ability to delete old responses.  We test this internally and it skews our overall results when we can't.


Agreed. Please add the ability to delete responses. We do many tests and this throws off the data.


Also - please add the ability to edit the "thank you for taking this survey" page. It would be nice to be able to say "Please visit our web page for more information" (with a link) or other details. 


Hi @paceupdate


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! As for being able to edit the thank you page, we recommend sharing your need for this directly on its feature request thread.

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