Option to segregate reporting by resends

In the old days...When you resent an email the reporting included statistics for each send.  How many were sent , open rate, etc.  It's definitely handy having cumulative, but definitely need individual stats too.



Dave A


Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for your feedback @GaryB672! The ability to segregate reporting by re-sends would be a great feature to bring to our Reporting pages. I have opened up your idea for voting.


I was hoping that Constant Contact had the ability to split out statistics (reports) for each campaign by user-defined criteria, like the date the email was sent out, or the TAG(s) used to create the list to email to, etc., but it doesn't appear that's the case.


I first uploaded and sent emails to 474 customers for a July campaign. A few days later I uploaded and (hopefully) sent to only 279 additional recipients for the same campaign/email. I had hoped to be able to see results from the two different mailings -- how many opens, click-throughs, bounces, etc. based on the emails sent to the 474 customers on 7/5 and then the emails sent to 279 additional customers on 7/12.


It appears CC lumps all the stats together for these 2 mailings. I even created a SEGMENT for the 2nd mailing, in hopes of using that segment to extract specific statistics/reports, but I guess I can't use the segment to isolate specific stats either.


History: And why exactly would I want/need to do this?  The first campaign email was sent to customers primarily from 2010.  We had very few results from this 7/5 email.  Therefore the list of customers from 2014 was uploaded to send the exact same campaign/offer to.  It would certainly be beneficial to see the statistics/reports to compare the rates from customers from 9 years ago vs. customers from just 5 years ago.  I didn't realize in order to compare the two I really would have needed to clone my 7/5 campaign and send a separate email to the 7/12 list, to keep statistics/reports separate.



It would be very useful to me to know the ranking of emails in terms of popularity. I could look at the subject lines and see which ones were getting the most activity. It would also be really helpful to know which emails had the highest click rate.


It would also be great if I knew which emails I had used the resend function for the unopened emails instead of lumping them all together. If there were a separate column for that metric, I could compare the total number and see if that was increasing my open rate.


Thanks for considering.


Status changed to: New

Hi @DeborahQ . Those are awesome ideas! I wanted to note that on the Reporting page, you can sort by column by clicking on the column header which might be helpful for you when it comes to what emails are popular (if you are judging by the Open or Click rate). 




I had to resend 288 "bounces" after an "authentication" issue was resolved between you and Network Solutions. However, after the resend, I looked at the number of bounces and it had gone up! I was beside myself that the issue had NOT been resolved, so I was back on the phone with Network Solutions. That agent assured me that the problem was not on their end. So back on the phone with YOU for the third time. This time the agent told me that the "bounces" report is CUMULATIVE. It does NOT report the UNIQUE bounces of JUST the RESEND. I asked WHY NOT? Only because of deductive reasoning could I figure out that if I had 288 bounces before and I have 292 now, then I had FOUR additional bounces from the resend. BUT ... which were they??? NO WAY TO KNOW without looking at the profile of EACH of the 292 INDIVIDUAL recipients. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You need to program this crap so that a separate resend ALSO has separate statistics. Surely you can do that. I suggest you do. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


- Exported reports of a campaign only reflects the first time the campaign was released.

- Any subsequent "resends" of unopened mail is not reflected on additional exported reports.

- There is no way to batch export reports with the most current metrics.

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