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I have mentioned a number of times to chat help and someone finally told me about the feedback option. It is getting very difficult to find old surveys. We have been using CC for years now and have hundreds of surveys. i would suggest a search option so we can find a survey by title or date and also a foldering option so we can store surveys in a specific folder to stay organized.

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In the old layout, it was nice to be able to archive away in folders the emails. Please add back!!!

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If there was a way to create folders and store campaigns in specific folders. Right now they are predetermined categories such as, "Draft" "Active". If the customer wants to organize based on month or program, they should be able to change/create folders.
Is this possible?
Please, please, please develop a way for clients to organize and manage campaign folders! I deploy campaigns for two different brands, and currently there is no way to organize them efficiently. Also, additional user permission settings would be nice so that user A does not have to weed through user B's campaigns and vice versa. Thank you! Jeanne Landau
Please bring back meaningful folders to store campaigns. I choose email templates by design to fit the needs of the content going out. It is meaningless to me to have them sorted by your "Activity Type" as I only send emails and not all the other activity you offer. We will have a Basic account once we do purchase. I use other accounts in CC with the older ToolKit that includes your user defined folders. This is going back to the days before folders.
In the old version of Constant Contact (before this update), there was the ability to create folder to organize campaigns. This feature has been removed and I respectfully request it be added to a future update as It is helpful to be able to organize emails, especially as an increasing number of emails are sent out. Also in this update, there are fewer available pre-designed templates. This is especially true for ones that have a specific theme, like holidays. Having more options available is helpful.
I noticed in the new platform there is no way to set up folders for campaigns. Can you please work on this as it would be very advantageous. Many Thanksto your wonderful team Keep up the great work, Michelle Sturdevant, Joeboss
The interface for the Toolkit is set up differently from the other service. I prefer the other service for a few reasons: 1 - I miss the little summary of the top 3 emails in the previous service; 2 - the Campaign page interface is large and is not as easy to view all of the emails (as compared to the chart in the previous service), 3 - I also miss not being able to create folders for my emails (the previous service had the ability to create folders and file emails in them). Thank you for reading this!
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Customers should be able to place campaigns and registrations in files that they are able to create and personalize. So it clears up the campaign home page and it is easier to find events when you have a lot. For a specific example, we would love to be able to create folders to organize our campaigns either by month or by type of event: Hockey Academy, Pond Times, Shinnies etc. Right now they are all in a big long list and it is messy and unorganized.
There is no option to create folders meaning that my templates must stay in the draft section. That means I have to search through all my drafts to find the template - a waste of time. I prefer the email is set up in the original version. Also - visually, Tool Kit is very unattractive and boring. But, primarily fix the email section.
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