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I have mentioned a number of times to chat help and someone finally told me about the feedback option. It is getting very difficult to find old surveys. We have been using CC for years now and have hundreds of surveys. i would suggest a search option so we can find a survey by title or date and also a foldering option so we can store surveys in a specific folder to stay organized.

I would like to be able to organize the campaigns into folders instead of having them listed in the order they are made. For example, I'd like to have a folder for invitations, another folder for newsletters, etc.
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It would be much more convenient, not to mention time efficient, if there were a way to create personalized folders for campaigns and to be able to organize them that way instead of solely by their sent/draft status or activity type. Neither of these are conducive to finding certain campaigns when you have done as many as I have. Thanks
We send daily emails. We need to separate our templates from our campaigns.
Hello, It would be really nice to organize campaigns into department folders and for those folders to be searchable. Lisa Florida Humanities Council
It would be very useful for us to have the capability to organize campaigns by topic, event, month, etc. using a Folder system on the Homepage. We use Constant Contact for a lot of projects and our homepage is starting to look a bit messy!
1. folders to put campaigns in (mail chimp has this feature) 2. way to do a/b testing without having to do it manually. have it in the settings for when i scheduled the campaign, select mail lists, etc. (mail chimp has this feature) 3. like the reports I can pull from the individual campaigns, but if i select an event and have multiple emails in that campaign for the event i don't get as much detail in the reports. i'd like to have the same type of data collected, along with the data on the people who have registered.
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Help me organize!!!!!
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We run many emails/campaigns for several different departments in our organization, it would be very helpful to archive/organize these activities in folders for each department.
We love the new look of the toolkit, but it is missing a feature from the stand alone version that we used regularly. We'd like to have the option of creating folders to sort email campaigns again. Thanks!
This wasn't a good thing to discover in the "new" format. There are several users at my workplace and now I have to try to scroll through all their campaigns to find mine. I have to try to remember what I sent and when? I have to try to remember what I named things to be able to sort through alphabetically? All this is making me frustrated to say the least. Even regular "email" providers have a place to make folders to store and organize emails. I am rethinking my continued use of constant contact. Until this time I've been very pleased with your services -- but I absolutely need a way to store and organize my campaigns.
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