Organize campaigns into custom folders

I have mentioned a number of times to chat help and someone finally told me about the feedback option. It is getting very difficult to find old surveys. We have been using CC for years now and have hundreds of surveys. i would suggest a search option so we can find a survey by title or date and also a foldering option so we can store surveys in a specific folder to stay organized.

I should be able to create my own folders to store campaigns within the categories suitable to my needs rather than using the artificial activity type provided in the campaign section of the toolkit.. Also the campaigns that have already be sent out should be taken out of the list of campaigns or stored in a different folder
Hi, I'm hoping you will add FOLDERS back into your program. How else can I organize my newsletters and campaigns without folders? PLEASE! Thanks!
It appears possible to created folders for emails, but it is not made clear that this is not available to my account (Toolkit). I would like to have this option, but if it (and perhaps others) are not available please make it clear in your user guides. I wasted my own time and that of your chat assistant looking for something that I did not have access to.
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It would be great if each user had their own Campaign Folder.  Weeding through other people's campaigns to find mine will be a pain.

Hi - I have a few suggestions that I think would improve user functionality. 1) Ability to export single, multiple, or all campaign results to Excel, including Campaign Name, Send Date, Number of Sends, Clicks, Opens, Unique Clicks/Opens, Unsubscribed, Bounced, etc. 2) Ability to file draft campaigns in folders 3) Ability to search for campaigns by name Thanks, SaraJane
Would there be any chance to get those folders back? We send the same type of emails each year and it is nice to be able to look back and copy the email. I just tried to go back and it took 5 mins to get through a year's worth of emails. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a search function for emails?
How can we organize our campaigns into folders so we don't have a huge mess of an unorganized list???
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Hi there, I want to be able to sort my email campaigns in folders for each of the grade levels at my school, and also sort reporting by grade level as well. We are a public elementary school, and want to use Constant Contact to send to lists of ECE, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade families. Are we able to separate the templates into folders for organization purposes or view reporting results of specific email activity types only? Thanks!
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Looking for an easy way to sort my email in folders. Sorting by "Activity type" doesn't work, because all of our activities are newsletters... please help! Thank you!
Please bring back the ability to create categories so we can organize our large volume of emails, newsletters, and announcements.
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