Organize campaigns into custom folders

I have mentioned a number of times to chat help and someone finally told me about the feedback option. It is getting very difficult to find old surveys. We have been using CC for years now and have hundreds of surveys. i would suggest a search option so we can find a survey by title or date and also a foldering option so we can store surveys in a specific folder to stay organized.

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We are new and happy users of Constant Contact and are sending out newsletters from our elementary school teachers, by grade level, to the families of students in those grades. Because each grade team (there are four classrooms per grade; 6 grades) has their own template and will be creating campaigns weekly, the list of campaigns sent and in draft form is going to quickly become cumbersome to sift through. Additionally, we have other announcements that we send that we'd love to keep separated from the other campaigns. Our recommendation is to create a folder function with the campaigns so they can be grouped and organized more efficiently for use/replication by the appropriate personnel. Folder creation exists in the library, which is also very helpful, but would be equally helpful in the campaign section.
Be great to have the Campaign section have an improved visual organization. Ideas: options views like comfortable, cozy compact (Gmail view options), folder to group campaigns, set how many campaigns appear per webpage view, search campaigns by title/date range/list used/etc. These Campaign section enhancements would great improve productivity and efficiency.
We are going to have many different contact lists and frequent campaigns for each of the lists. It would be great to be able to create folders to organize the contacts and campaigns. I called customer service about this after I watched a training video that mentioned folders and I couldn't figure out how to make one. Customer service told me that some accounts have the folder feature and others don't and that my account does not have it. Why is that and is there any way we could get it? Thanks!
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I agree with the folder would be great for organizing purposes...

I am sad that you took away the folder options to organize my campaigns. I have different departments in my company that I do campaigns for and I would like to organize them and quickly see how many I have done for each department. This option was available a couple of years ago. Why did you take it away? Thanks.
We just upgraded our account to the Toolkit and we are excited about the updated autoresponder features, but we are very very disappointed to discover that the email folders did not come over as well. We have 500 emails that we need to organize in some way, but we have no ability to do so. We would love to see the folders come back. We also don't love that we have to re-filter our emails every time we log in so they show as new - old. They default to old to new.
I have over 420 campaigns, it is a real pain to drawl through them all to find the one I'd like to copy or repeat.
We would love to see folders in the email portion of the toolkit version of Constant Contact! We had them in the older version and it would really make organizing our emails much easier!
Miss the "folders" to organize my campaigns and to easily find email campaigns.
Constant Contact desperately needs folder options for organizing and viewing both sent and drafted campaigns and messaging categories. I have been using constant contact for three weeks now. I send four internal email campaigns every morning and i am have a very difficult time staying organizing and referring back to an old campaign because I have to just keep scrolling. Folder would help me group by campaign. Also, a title search would be ideal for quickly locating all campaigns sent about a certain topic that could be located in the title of the campaign.
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