Organize campaigns into custom folders

I have mentioned a number of times to chat help and someone finally told me about the feedback option. It is getting very difficult to find old surveys. We have been using CC for years now and have hundreds of surveys. i would suggest a search option so we can find a survey by title or date and also a foldering option so we can store surveys in a specific folder to stay organized.

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We used to be able to organize our emails into folders we create. That was EXTREMELY helpful. Please bring that feature back so that we can keep our campaigns organized. Thank you!
We're using your new "toolkit" and are quickly being overloaded with too many campaigns - we would like to see an organizing method such as folders so different users within our team can quickly access their specific campaigns. Thanks!
I used Constant Contact at another company and I thought we were able to create folders to put completed campaigns in. I sent a note to support and they said that this new version does not have folders. I don't like seeing all the campaigns on my main page. Thank you - Susan Horner
I would like to be able to search and/or organize my campaigns.
Please make a folder option so campaigns can be placed into folders to make sorting through easier. We have multiple events having them all queued up is difficult.
It would be helpful for account users to be able to create folders in both the Contact Management and Email Management account views, so when we use Best Practices where we segment our list & email by sales reps, for instance, that multiple copies of the same campaign emails can be housed in a sub folder. Similarly, this ability to create sub folders in the Contact mode for segmented lists. What do you think?
Be great to have better Campaign organization. Current campaigns are listed. The option to organize with folders, tags, date, AtoZ, search, etc.
After a year, I have nearly 200 campaigns. I still pull up numbers from previous campaigns. It would be ideal to be able to file these into folders (ie. "Active", "Program Name", or "Complete") in order to aid in sorting and locating information. The current options are too limited to be useful for high frequency campaigns.
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Need spot where we can search for an old survey. ideally ability to put surveys in folders to for organized storage.
We have a lot of us that are creating newsletters under the same login. We want to continue that because we often need to see each others' newsletters - but we have so many newsletters now that it is hard to sort through them when you want to look for a certain one. We wish we could create folders to sort each newsletter into. Is this something you could set up for us? Jam Hops, Nancy;
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