Permanently Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.

PLEASE create the ability to delete old users on the accounts. It's so frustrating to have to scroll down through names of people that haven't been with a company for years. This should be an easy fix, please consider adding this feature so we can keep our accounts clean and current.
How can I delete users permanently? Is there a way to do this? If not, there should be a way to do that.
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Why can't you make it so the account owner can delete inactive users that are no longer needed? The list of inactive users just keeps getting longer making it harder to distinguish who are the current users. I want to relieve the mess and only have current active users listed!
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I would really love to delete previous users of the account. One name on this list hasn't worked here in over 6 years. It is jarring to see these names still represented here.
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Would love to be able to delete inactive users!
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I agree that being able to delete users would be most helpful. It seems to be a common topic in the feedback forums -- saw the topic going back to 2013 (didn't look beyond that). With technology as it is today, it's hard to understand why this functionality has not been added.

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Really want to be able to delete users. Deactivation is really helpful since the accounts I need to have access rotate, but I would also like to clear out the clutter of accounts that are no longer active.

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PLEASE let me DELETE the users no longer required!!!! PLEASE!!!!
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**bleep**? Its 2019 and we still can't delete users? Bizarre and ridiculous all at once.

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I agree, we will take your advice and apply our process of procedures.

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