Permanently Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.


This seems to be a duplicate of:

Can they be consolidated and the vote count merged?


Hi @WilliamD4332 thank you for pointing this out! We have merged both threads into one complete request.

Please make it so that I can completely remove users from the screen who are no longer with our company, as the list is fairly large.
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Hi, I would like a way to eliminate users from the list of users permanently, or at least for active users to appear at the top of the list. It is annoying to have to search through the list with no way to organize/keep it fresh. Some of these folks haven't worked here for 4 years. Please consider allowing us to eliminate users who no longer use the system. Thanks.
Please give us a way to remove former users of the account who are no longer on our staff. The only option now is to deactivate the user.
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We would very much like to be able to delete inactive users. Our account is getting cluttered with deactivated users who have moved out of our area or retired from our organization and will never be active again. We don't understand why Constant Contact won't give us this control of our own account and disagree with your policy.
With a bigger company people come and go. You should be able to REMOVE not just DEACTIVATE users. The list becomes cumbersome to follow.
When we update our users on the account, it would be nice to have a delete option to fully remove the prior staff members name from the list rather than have it show as "reactivate" as an option. Is there a way to delete non-employees? Thank you.
Over the years, we have added and removed people from the user list. Is there a way to clean up this screen and delete the folks who no longer have access so we don't have to weed through all the names of those whose accounts have been deactivated?

Hi @RochelleS10 we apologize at this time being able to delete previous users from an account is not currently available. It is however a feature we currently collecting feedback on. In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this idea. In the meantime we suggest updating outdated user information to your new users instead.

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