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Constant Contact should have a platform that supports being able to upload videos into a newsletter and then have the videos play directly on the publication as soon as the recipient opens it.

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Support for embedded video amongst email clients is still inconsistent, and not fully supported by many. As a result, we've been monitoring support and holding off on any plans for this until feel good that the emails will display as expected to a broad audience. That said, we are trying to keep a pulse on how popular of a request this is so we encourage everyone to still leave feedback and comment on this. It really helps in the decision making process. 


Ideally someone could watch our video without leaving the newsletter to go to YouTube or Vimeo.


HI Stacy,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Embedding a video directly into your email can increase the chances that your email becomes undeliverable because some email client's can't play videos and some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) block video attachments because they are commonly used to spread viruses.

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Can we add embedded video to our emails?
Please provide me an embedded code for email to allow my video from YouTube to play in my email. Thanks Tim
Is there a way to embed a video to the Constant Contact Newsletter?

 I liked being able to post a video with a thumbnail.  It's much more enticing for people to click onto a video thumbnail than to see a written out link they link.

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Hi, I would like to know if I can insert videos in my campaigns?

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Hi Odette,


You can't insert the actual video into your email campaign, but you can insert a thumbnail that links out to your video, hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or your website. 


Another great trick we've used at BJC Branding is to convert a portion of the video into an animated gif and insert that image in your email. Really catches the eye and drive clicks. 


Hope that helps,


Bryan Caplan


You desperately need to enhance your product to allow the viewing of videos inside your product and not have to leave your product to go to Youtube or to another screen. Video is the number one way in which people obtain information on the web, and it's growing in popularity. We produce a lot of informational videos, which I want to be able to incorporate into my Constant Contact newsletter, and readers should not have to leave the newsletter to view a video. Work on that!!!!

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