Please support foreign characters

Please work to support foreign characters. Chinese audience is a sizeable chunk of business and for such a large email management tool it is strange that you cannot support it. thanks.

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We are considering this idea to be implemented. Most of these comments were due to the limited support to foreign characters in our legacy editor. With the retirement of that editor, we no longer really have issues with supporting the characters mentioned here. Non-English languages, em dashes, curly quotes, etc. are all displayed as expected. One exception to that may be right to left languages which could run into some alignment issues.

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It is a good idea to implement Arabic Language to Constant Contact, we we have different Egyptian merchants dealing with different local providers due to lack of Arabic Language in Constant Contact.


On the other hand, most of our customers are located in Egypt & Middle East that main language is Arabic and this will increase newsletter visibility and decrease bounces.



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i would say YES  for Arabic Language support. Arabic is the first language for more than 400 million people which is a huge market you should think of.


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Thanks Tom,

I'll be waiting for your email. Thanks for your support

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Please allow "special" characters to be coded in HTML in emails (i.e. em-dashes or smart apostrophes). I've tried entering them with various code formats, such as — and when the email is saved, they revert to single dashes or plain quotes.



Thanks for posting this feedback!


Please support Arabic. In the previous message, Tom you say you may have a way of customizing Arabic language support with HTML codes. Is this something I could also get my hands on???

Dear Sir/Madam, is there a possibility of adding special characters for Slavonic languages, namely Croatian, to your features? It is rather difficult and unprofessional to send a newsletter to our clients with some characters missing or replaced with some other character, often changing the meaning or the sound of the word itself. We believe you can see the importance. We thank you in advance for your reply.
We cannot use it because of language .. Fonts are not compatible. Pls start to work for Turkish language. We are franchise of WSI in Turkey Istanbul. Regards Pınar Massena

Please make a custom field with a larger character count that can be populated into an email. thank you.


Thanks for sharing this feedback,  @ThomasH504 ! Can you tell me more about the content you would like to include in these custom fields? Are they customer identifiers or customer specific information?

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