Please support foreign characters

Please work to support foreign characters. Chinese audience is a sizeable chunk of business and for such a large email management tool it is strange that you cannot support it. thanks.

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We are considering this idea to be implemented. Most of these comments were due to the limited support to foreign characters in our legacy editor. With the retirement of that editor, we no longer really have issues with supporting the characters mentioned here. Non-English languages, em dashes, curly quotes, etc. are all displayed as expected. One exception to that may be right to left languages which could run into some alignment issues.

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I cut/paste my word documents into text edit and from text edit cut/paste that into my newsletter template. I always receive a message that characters are not supported. CC then won't let me save my work until I go back, line by line, to fix this. These characters they say are unsupported are basic letters, periods, etc. I write 700+ word newsletter articles in Word so I can then send to someone to edit. It would be too time-consuming to then re-type my article into CC's template. Please fix this because it makes it very hard to create a newsletter this way. Thank you.


Hi @DianeP1 

I completly understand how this can be frustrating. We don't suggest copy and pasting since not all of the formatting from Word will work with Constant Contact. Can you try pasting without styles?

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When creating a report, Spanish characters are not supported and create a string of unrelated English characters. Is this due to CC or could it be a local setting that's missing? I have no problem using these characters in Excel or other software though. Example: Ramón should be Ramón.

Hi @betamac

Are you seeing this in the reporting in your account or within the report export? Is this all reports or a specific one?

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This happens when creating custom reports for events. Spanish characters are not displayed properly in the downloadable file.

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Hello Constant Contact, When entering copy into the email, we're unable to use the em dash. Instead, it's truncated into a hyphen. The dash is a vital piece of grammar. Please allow its inclusion. Additionally, when entering a caption under a picture, once saved, the text defaults to white. Invisible, in other words, on a white email. This seems counter-intuitive. Please remedy. Thank you. Kevin at Hudson Valley Lighting

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Took me 20 minutes and a call to Constant Contact to add a "TM" mark to a product name in my email.  How about creating an "insert symbol" function like Word has to make it quick and easy? Dealing with the HTML code makes a non-IT, marketing type like me a little nervous!




This is a critical issue for us. We are issuing a press release and cannot properly represent the names of people and places in Hawai'i. The limitaiton makes us look backward. We urge Consant Contact to address this problem ASAP.


I am relatively new to CC but am seriously thinking of switching to some other provider that supports basic characters like em and en dashes. I work for a publisher and we use these a LOT. I can't believe something this simple has been missing for years! I have been trying the various works arounds posted in forums and they don't work or work well. Has anybody used anything lately (ie. in 2016) that actually works?

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