Popup blocking homepage and login

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Hi, folks -- You have a popup / email capture measure on your homepage today that won't close, and makes it difficult to get to the login screen. I did eventually figure it out, but something isn't working correctly: 1) Greeted with a popup offering email services and something else, I tried to click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the window, and nothing happened. I'm using the latest version of Chrome for Mac. 2) I clicked on one of the options at the bottom, and was led to a lead capture screen in a new tab that didn't seem to allow me to return to the home page and log in. Very frustrating. 3) I finally deleted the subdirectory from the URL and tried http://www.constantcontact.com/login and got to the screen I needed. Thanks for that, but many people won't think of it. I'm sure this isn't the experience you intended for us today. Please take a look at your sales screen and adjust accordingly. Thanks!
The pop up with services takes too long to disappear to log in

I'm **bleep**, not only have you shoved a pop up in my face that wood NOT close when clicking on the X After about 5 minutes it went away. Advertising a paid training product I do not need. Today you have a pop up header promoting a daily deal? I can't navigate the site to do my work. Why don't you tell the person who approved this invasive practice to  Please use the more direct language as that is how I feel. Idiot rookie move. I'm looking for a new provider Monday!!!


Hi @LauriD.G and @WilliamS9564

We turned this off on Friday to help avoid these issues -- thanks for letting us know!

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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