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It looks like I can no longer print out a preview of my email drafts. I need to print out a hard copy of my email drafts so the staff can make their notes/updates. I also print hard copies of our monthly newsletter to send out to our shut-ins and everything that I have tried looks like crap.

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I appreciate everyone who chimed in on this one! We now have the ability to print a draft campaign for the the preview pane. We've updated this article with instructions and screen shots if you need them.

I'm ready to cancel my subscription. I've found out today that I can't print my work, nor can I create a PDF doc out of my work. This is absolutely ridiculous. And a major inconvenience. I pay every month!!!!! I should be able to PRINT!!!! This was a very stupid decision to remove these options!!!!!
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Please switch back to old one..
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What happened to the printable version of newsletter?  What you've got now uses a lot of ink, cuts lines of print in half horizontally making them impossible to read.  Why do you keep making things more difficult and less acceptable like editing images.  I  don't want a discussion, just solutions.


Hi @JeffT42 


Thank you for sharing your feedback on our emails campaigns. I can understand how important it is to print out your email campaigns. The good news is we do offer a feature that allows you to download and print a sent email.

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Same here - both the need to print a draft so staff can review AND the need to print a few hard copies to send to our church members with no computer access. These hard copies need to be printed and mailed so they arrive about the same time as everyone else receives the email. Therefore, waiting until the campaign email is sent does not work.


I came to the forums to see if there was a solution. It is frustrating when "improvements" are made that remove useful functionality! (i.e. ability to edit HTML and now this)

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I also came to the forums to see what happened to the print preview option. For various reasons, people need to be able to print and review a DRAFT email, not one that has already been sent.


Hi @GingerS019  and @JenniferW93 


Thank you both for sharing your feedback on our emails campaigns. I apologize our email campaigns do not give you the option to print from your preview screens. We do however offer a feature to download and print an email once it has been sent.


Hello @JeffT42,

Were you previously printing from the preview screen? Do you need the ability to print while the campaign is still in draft status? I'm sorry if this has impacted your workflow at all. Currently, like Frankie has mentioned we can download and print sent campaigns. This is helpful feedback though so thank you for reaching out.

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