Provide a new mailing list feature called "excluded list"

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I'd like to see an exclude list that will eliminate contacts on a regular mailing.

Let's say I have one big list of contacts and I'd like to tell them I'm offering a 50% discount.  But I don't want to tell this to my customer list.  So, I would mail to my entire list but NOT those in my separate customer list.

Likewise, I have a general list that I send  both housing info and seasonal greeting messages to.  Some says I want to housing info, but not the greeting cards and others say I want to holiday messages, but not the real estate info.  

It would be nice to "tag: no housing info"" to those to exclude when I send greeting cards and likewise, tag those who only want housing info i could tag "no greeting msg".  That would eliminate a massive tagging or duplicate lists for those that only 1 or the other: especially if there is just a handful to contacts that are the exception.

Another benefit might be:  Immediately after a trade show, you may want to send a note out to each attendee that stops by you booth, but segment the newbies from existing clients.  The this "exclude" feature you count email the new list and exclude the clients.  this eliminates a message going out to your attending client that says "Hope to do business with you in the future"; embarrassing. or having to manually segment the leads after a long tiring trade show.



Hi @TomO840


Does our current tag filtering help fit your needs? This tool does allow users the option to exclude contacts on your selected lists from receiving your email if they have a certain tag.

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